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BUNDLE 1 : Analog Experience THE LABORATORY + V Collection

€599 €848
$649 $948

Analog Experience THE LABORATORY + V collection bundle comes with a high quality 49-key keyboard featuring multiple hands-on controls, velocity and aftertouch. It also brings all Arturia emulations of the most legendary and sought after synthesizers (Moog modular, Minimoog, CS-80, Prophet 5, Prophet VS, ARP 2600, Jupiter 8). All of these amazing Classic Synths are controllable from the Analog Laboratory software, which offers an extremely powerful workstation for music production.

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BUNDLE 2 : Analog Experience THE FACTORY + The One

€299 €449
$369 $468

Analog Experience THE FACTORY comes with a compact 32-key velocity-sensitive keyboard and dedicated software offering 3500 legendary sounds carefully selected from all of Arturia’s Classic Synths.
On top of this, Arturia includes “The One” which allow you to install all of their famous Classic Synths and register “the one” full software synth of your choice.

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BUNDLE 3 : Analog Experience THE PLAYER + Hip Hop Producer

€199 €278
$199 $298

Analog Experience THE PLAYER includes a portable 25-key MIDI keyboard and a compilation of Arturia’s best analog sounds.
Combined with “Hip Hop producer“, which includes Ableton Live Lite, Analog Factory Hip Hop Edition, Lounge Lizard Session and a library of 1200 samples, it’s the ideal solution to get started in Hip Hop music production.

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