Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Purchase any Arturia software instrument before September 1st 2008 and download one software instrument for free.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

This once in a life-time offer will end on August 31st on our site. Once this deal is past, it will never come again. So don’t miss another day and grant yourself with instruments that will open your sonic palette.

How does it work ?

1 - You can purchase one of our software instruments, either in store either on our website.

  Qualifying products are: 
  • the Minimoog V
  • the Jupiter-8V
  • Analog Factory
  • the Prophet V
  • Brass
  • the ARP2600 V
  • the CS-80V
  • the Moog Modular V
The free product of your choice must be chosen in this list :
  • the Jupiter-8V
  • Analog Factory
  • Brass
  • the Prophet V

2 - On the facing of the packaging you will find a voucher holding a promotional code.

3 - With this code just go to our website and download your free product.
b1g1free code

Note :
- All products purchased during the time of the promotion ship with a Syncrosoft key. This key is necessary to run the downloaded instrument.
- The "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" special offer section of our website is also available in French, German or Italian
- This offer cannot be combined to any other promotional offer proposed by Arturia or a partner company

NOTE: FOR SAM ASH & GUITAR CENTER customers, the procedure is slightly different:

1. Download and print your own voucher through the following link :
- SAM ASH voucher

2. Send it before September 15th to our US distributor Steptime Ware, attached with your proof of purchase:
Steptime Ware
3957 Irongate Rd. Bay A
Bellingham, WA 98226

If you would rather proceed through email, just scan your proof of purchase and email it before August 31st to (-a- stands for @) with your choice of free product.

Customers purchasing the Minimoog V, the ARP 2600 V, the Moog Modular V and the CS-80 V at Guitar Center and Sam Ash will need to possess a Syncrosoft key of their own.