MiniBrute Holiday Season Deal - Get My Free Software Instruments


1) REGISTER Your MiniBrute


  • Login to your user account
    Go to , login to your user account or create an account
  • Register the MiniBrute you purchased
    Go to "My Registered Products", click on "Add" button  and select "MiniBrute"

  • Enter your license number
    Add the MiniBrute synthesizer by entering its serial number, as printed on the sticker located under the machine


2) SELECT And Get Your First FREE Software Instrument


Once your Minibrute has been registered, you will receive an e-mail. This e-mail contains two sets of serial and unlock codes that will allow you to choose your free instruments. As you will see, these serial/unlock codes are related to a product called "The One" which is a generic title allowing to pick any instrument in the list.
  • STEP 1 :
    Log into your Arturia account:
  • STEP 2 :
    Scroll down to the "My registered products" section and click "add"
  • STEP 3 :
    You will arrive at this page.

    IMPORTANT : the product you have to choose in the list is The One

    Enter the serial and unlock codes that you have received by e-mail.
    In the e-mail the codes will be shown like this : XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX,YYYYYYYY.
    The XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX is the serial and the YYYYYYYY is the unlock code.
  • STEP 4 :
    Select the first free instrument you want and submit (beware, there is no turning back)

    And then copy your activation code from the email :

  • STEP 5 :
    Download your instrument installer from this page :
  • STEP 6 :
    Once installed launch the instrument. You will see a window like this one. Click on "authorize" :

    Next page click "next" :

  • STEP 7 :
    Enter your activation code (received by e-mail or during Step 4) :

  • STEP 8 :
    You can now start using your free software instrument !


3) SELECT And Get Your Second FREE Instrument

For the second free instrument start the process from Step 1.