1) INSTALL / REGISTER / ACTIVATE Your Hybrid Instrument


  • Install the Hybrid Instrument
    Using the DVD inside the box proceed to the installation of the product you purchased.
  • Login to your user account
    Go to , login to your user account or create an account
  • Register the Hybrid instrument you purchased
    Go to "My Registered Products", click on "Add" button  and select the product you purchased

  • Enter your license number
    Fill in the license number as displayed on the registration card you received in the box.
  • Activate your Hybrid Product on your computer
    Copy the activation code that was delivered to you and past it into the eLicenser Control Center

    - On Windows: go to Start menu > (All) Programs > eLicenser > eLicenser Control Center
    - On Mac: go to "Applications" > eLicenser Control Center


2) SELECT Your FREE Instruments


  • Pick your Free instrument(s)

    Back on the website, select the Free instrument(s) you want

    Warning : Please note that the Hybrid Madness free software, being solely bound to the purchase of the hybrid instrument in the context of the promotion. It cannot be transferred, resold to, or registered by third parties.


  • Get your activation code

    Activation codes will be displayed upon submission. Selected instruments will be automatically registered to tour account.





  • Activate your Free Software Instrument
    Copy the Activation Code and paste it in the eLicenser Control Center Download
  • Download the Free Software Instrument and the Manuals
    Go to and download your free software and your free instrument. Proceed to the installation and start making music.





How does it work?