What products qualify for this offer ?

  • Any Hybrid instrument made by Arturia : Spark, AE Player, AE Factory, AE Laboratory, AE Laboratory 61,
  • Purchased in Store or on,
  • As long as you register between May 1st and June 30.

  SparkAnalog Experience The PLAYERAnalog Experience THE FACTORYThe LABORATORY 49The LABORATORY 61


What products do I get for free ?

  • If you purchase Spark, you get V Collection free (To be delivered to you through download.)


  • If you purchase an Analog Experience Keyboard you can pick in a list of 8 instruments (To be delivered to you through download.) :

    ARP2600V CS80V Jupiter8V MinimoogV
    MMVOberheim SEM VProphetVSpark VDM

How do I get my free product

  • First register the product you purchased here
  • You will be offered to pick your free software
  • Then download the software from the server, download the manual and prompt the activation code you were given.
For more details check the page Get my free instruments.


Do I get the full versions ? Do I get the latest versions ? Do I qualify for upgrades in the future ?....
Yes, you will be treated as a regular customer for the free product you get.

Please note that the free software instruments cannot be transferred, resold to, or registered by third parties.

How long does the offer last ?
The offer works as long as you register the product you purchased between May 1st and June 30th 2012



  Get my free instruments