Artists and Arturia

Arturia has always had a strong connection to artists, so we've decided to show what goes on behind the scenes with a new bi-monthy series entitled 'Artists and Arturia', a series of videos featuring world renown musicians and producers talking about their favorite Arturia products and how they use them.

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Division cadre
VOX Continental V

Matt Berry

"I put the VOX Continental V through an amp bearing a similar name and couldn¹t tell the difference"

Tom Furse (The Horrors)

"I love the Vox Continental V by Arturia. It’s definitely that Vox sound but with so much more plus it won’t fall apart like my Vox’s do "

Lana Loveland

"If your Voxy Lady breaks down on a permanent basis, or if you can't get your hands on the real deal: this is the next best thing, and I've tried a few sound-emulations for the VOX. I can't believe that it was possible to recreate that very unique sound digitally. Now, can someone build the VOX Continental V into the original housing, so it's ready for touring?"

Steve Nieve

"When I was sixteen and determined to join a rock band the first keyboard I bought with money earned working Saturdays at the local record store "Jennings" in Bexleyheath was a Vox Jaguar single manual organ. It was the same instrument I took to the Elvis Costello audition a couple of years later, and played on my first recording "Watching the Detectives". This is the sound that coloured the album "This Year's Model" Arturia have brought this wonderful electronic musical instrument into the twenty first century. All the parameters you would expect 'tweakable' have been faithfully reproduced. Great attention to detail. The only thing we need now are the chrome S shaped legs. I love this V instrument, the Arturia Vox Continental sounds as cool as the original, and moves with you more easily. Killer."

Division cadre
KeyLab 49

Saul Simon MacWilliams (keyboard forIngrid Michaelson)

"I’ve been trilled with the KeyLab 49 on the road. It’s been a totally reliable, respected and attractive controller. setup and assigning parameters is a breeze. everything’s laid out in an intuitive and straightforward way, also it’s really attractive."

Division cadre
KeyLab 61

Jake Wherry (The Herbaliser)

"I've really enjoyed using the Keylab and it's integrated into my studio very easily. The keys have a good feel to them and I love the retro wood styling! The Keylab software is very intuitive and is easy to work with."

Division cadre


"Arturia Spark 2 is a very nice software. I am always on the lookout for new tools as this way I constantly keep my production fresh. I need new gadgets to fiddle with, them and test what I can do with, as this way I get inspiration for producing my own stuff. And I got that with this little monster. I did use Spark 2 in studio to create some drum sounds in my recent tracks and I will continue to use it for some time. I like the quality of samples and that it’s really user friendly. This is a useful product."


"I love the easy and quick ways to get results using Spark2 . The possibility to build up your own kit mixed with your own samples is very cool . My favorites to go for are the vintage drum machines in Spark2. They have the analogue sound and not one hit are totally the same , that way you don't get the ugly " machine gun " effect! Really usefull!"

Simon Carter (Crystal Distortion)

"Spark 2 has completely changed the way I approach drum handling in a live situation. The option to jump from pattern to pattern without waiting for the measure to complete its course means total freedom to drop in some unexpected flourishes or change style in the blink of an eye. The synth engine is tight, and its sample layering features let you sculpt your drums to perfection. Onboard controllers let you go really crazy , and the touchpad's multi functions can really throw a crowd off balance. All this, and it’s so easy to use! I wasn't reaching for the manual until days later and I already had most of a live set ready to go."

Isaac Carpenter (drummer of AWOLNATION)

"The layout of spark 2 is so intuitive and allows for instant creative control. The pads react like playing an acoustic instrument. Your beats will immediatly have a new level of depth the first time you get your hands on Spark2."

Division cadre

Oliver Huntemann

"I fell in love with a little new toy, the BeatStep. So simple and so effective. I hate complicated technology and the BeatStep is as simple as one would wish. Plus the benefit of great sequenzing and controlling possibilities including a CV/Gate connectivity to get my old synths back from the attic in the studio. "

Doc McKinney

"The new beatStep is extremely intuitive and has helped my creative process and workflow exponentially. Not to mention making programming fun again!
This is an exciting step forward for controllers and I am confident that this will be a staple in my productions moving forward.

Aki Bergen

"It's not a toy. The BeatStep is a solid step sequencer, easy to use and extremely fun to play with. Although it has plenty of applications, I do love it to go on with other analogue synthesizers as it allows me to get all of those incomparable musical nuances I was looking for. "


"Arturia's BeatStep will definitely be connected to my DAW , Love the fact it can be both Midi controller and a Sequencer , will make building Drums part in your track more creative and fun task then before."

Division cadre

Terry Lawless (U2 and P!NK)

"MicroBrute takes me back to the joy I felt when I pushed that first key and a saw wave spoke back to me. MicroBrute allows for more than 100% values of such things as keyboard tracking. MicroBrute melds the best in a compact little powerhouse."

Hideki Matsutake

"It's SMALL GIANT ! I love MicroBrute !!"

Anthony Gonzalez - M83

"It is actually the best thing on earth for travelers. I spend a lot of time on the road and being able to record anytime with a beautiful sounding analog synth is just priceless! Try to connect MicroBrute to the minibrute then it opens a world of new possibilities. Great job Arturia"

Adrian Utley - Portishead

"I really love the sound of the original , and MicroBrute's got that character and can be even wilder. You can get all kinds of crazy and musical interactions going on with other analog gear and drum machines. Combine the two together and you're rocking..."

Andre Bowman (Will.I.Am)

"Big, ballsy sound! Arturia has another sonic monster on its hands!"

Chris Cross - Ultravox

"For me, a Synthesizer that has no presets is an adventure every time. MicroBrute is a recipe for audio joy. MicroBrute soon becomes a real electronic instrument, that develops with your knowledge and expertise"

oLi dE SaT (Indochine)

"If there is a keyboard name that suits well, it is the MicroBrute. Mini keyboard for big warm tones. Intuitive, fast, fun. A really good CV!!"
photo credit: Yves BOTTALICO

Sandra Vu (Dum Dum Girls, SISU)

"The small form factor is disproportionate to the massive sound you can get out of MicroBrute. Having used many Arturia soft synths, this is a great piece to transition from a laptop. Turn the switch and go."

Tara Busch (I Speak Machine)

"This mighty little machine runs the gamut from metallic, brutal bass to velvety bleepy, bloopy goodness - and is a sheer joy to play. The single oscillator is wildly diverse (wait till you meet the "Metalizer & Ultra Saw") and I love the sequencer and Mod Matrix which is vicious fun. Very inspiring!"

Roger Joseph Manning Jr (Beck, JellyFish, ...)

"Once again Arturia has given me the best of both worlds with MicroBrute. It's blowing minds at both my recordings session and in concert. The perfect compliment to my already diverse rig."

PJ Marton (Keyboards for Maroon 5)

"There's nothing like having the touch of knobs and buttons under your fingertips.. Makes it an organic experience. MicroBrute working right along with the MiniBrute just takes it over the top. It's already started to inspire new ideas with my writing and production."

Division cadre

Alan Wilder (Recoil/ex-Depeche Mode)

"I have gained immense pleasure from experimenting with Arturia’s iSEM for iPad. Being an owner of the original hardware synth, I can confirm that this virtual app stands up, providing a combination of complete familiarity combined with total stability, versatility, and the welcome addition of plenty of presets, plus extra pages and functions, such as the performance layer. An absorbing experience of real quality, I am thoroughly impressed — and at a bargain price!"

Oliver Chesler - The Horrorist

"Having the 8 Voice Programmer in the iSEM makes owning an iPad worthwhile. Set up a few changes on each voice and put the Arpeggiator on and you have an amazing sounding early eighties bassline machine. The closest thing you can get to this is a real 8 voice which will run you over $10,000 and take half your studio up space wise."

Oliver Chesler better known by his stage name The Horrorist, is an electronic music artist from New York. He is the owner of the Things to Come Records. He has live performances all around the world but has a hotspot is Germany. Many remember him as the punk styled kid in D.A. Pennebaker's concert film "101", featuring Depeche Mode.

Robert Babicz

"ISEM is my perfect friend on the stage for my Ipad, really like it. its a very simple synth and straight forward, that is a feature i very like, i don't need to think i just touch the parameter i need. Simple tool, with good sound"


"As my iPad becomes more and more a mainstay of my studio setup, I'm especially impressed with the iSEM app. Besides boasting an incredible and unique array of patches, I LOVE the scale functionality and after touch scroll control on single keys! Looking forward to many hours of playing and programming iSEM on my travels around the world !"

Division cadre
Analog Lab

Ben Keeley - Keyboard player, KASABIAN

"We tried the Arturia Analog Lab straight away on recommendation and we were so impressed with the quality of sound, authenticity of sound along with the reliability of the software which is a must for using in the live scenario. Thanks Arturia !!"

Division cadre

Jean Benoit Dunckel - Air

"MiniBrute condenses outstanding analog sounds in a compact and solid format that is great for touring. I was impressed by its raw, sometimes dark, and incredibly edgy sounds. As the owner of many classic synths, MiniBrute not only stands the comparison but it brings something new and inspiring to my sonic palette."


"Arturia has created a keyboard which will reintroduce the world to analog sound on steroids...Definitely what the new generation needs."

The Hacker

"The MiniBrute is a truly amazing synth, maybe small in size, but impressive in its possibilities. All its features make it a unique synth, combining power and originality, a must!"

Pablo Clements (Toydrum/UNKLE/Psychonauts)

"I got the MiniBrute on a Friday about 2.30 - at 4.30 backing track written - I sent it to the rapper S.T.S and in 24 hours we had a complete track.
Music does not come that quick - but with the MiniBrute it really does - its such an amazing synth to play - and makes you want to keep playing it.
When you get 1 just leave the tape running."

Yan Wagner

"I used the Mini Brute a lot on my latest remixes. It is a great synthesizer, with a quite "rough" sound, which is a great complement for other synths that I have with a more rounded tones. The well proportioned Metalizer can get beautiful harmonics and create a unique sonic pallet."

Citizen Kain

"MiniBrute, My new best friend. 100% inspiring analog sound and unlimited creative possibilities"


"Thanks Arturia for making this one brutally analogue - no presets but loads of fun on stage with this serious instrument."


"I've tested the MiniBrute and I find it really good, it is simple in usage as well as in the sounds provided that are basic and effective. MiniBrute allows for specific sounds  quickly without going through a complex modulation."

Stefano Ritteri

"I’m impressed by how different this synth sounds from anything else I have heard. It’s fun to play with and doesn’t need much processing to stand out in a busy mix.This is definitely a new Classic. Bravo Arturia! "

Nyle Steiner

"Arturia did a great job of implementing my classic filter design into the MiniBrute. It’s nice to see my design being brought back to life in a quality product."

Division cadre

Alan Hewitt

"I love my Arturia Origin keyboard ! It allows me to get those great fat sounds I had with my old analog synths.
The keyboard is very expressive, allowing you to set it up in just about any way you can think of, also the sequencers and last note expression are invaluable.
I'm using my Origin for the latest movies I've been working on, as well as on tour with The Moody Blues."

Much like the keyboardist that have gone before him, Alan Hewitt has made his living painting musical tapestries about the lives of others. Hewitt began his career performing in the club scene but quickly graduated to the production room.

Bruce Somers - Kidneythieves

"The Origin Keyboard is such an amazing and original instrument. On day 1 with my Origin Keyboard, I immediately created a new patch that became my favorite sound and song idea for a new Kidneythieves song. True inspiration from an amazing piece of gear. Thanks Arturia!"

The word unique has often been overused but not when it comes to helping define kidneythieves. Everything from the band’s urban legend name to their mystical logo and more importantly their meticulously crafted sound and lyrics, confirm that the word unique does indeed apply.

Luis Resto

"On Eminem's "Recovery" album (2010), I used Origin on the song "WTP (White Trash Party)" in the chorus doubling up Marshall's melody fairly verbatim with a lead sound that accentuated his phrasing as well as stood out in track.
On Lil' Wayne's "Drop the World" (with Eminem on Lil'Wayne's new album "Rebirth"), I used it to strengthen the low end in Marshall's verse. Last March, Marshall and I worked on a mix and the Origin was quite handy to have for a palette of sounds that would stand out in the track. (used the 'Delirium Bells' as well as the 'Dark .....' sorry blanking on the name but a very nice textural sweep
I know it isn't much but when it comes to needing something that blends well into track yet has it's own presence I'm finding the Origin to be a box I go to."

Luis Resto: Hip Hop producer and keyboardist who has worked closely with rapper Eminem since his third major-label album The Eminem Show. He has played the keyboard for several Eminem-produced tracks and is credited for additional production on most Eminem-produced tracks on Encore.

Drew Neumann

"I was pleasantly shocked and amazed at how great the Origin sounds and how diverse its sound capabilities are. The Origin easily covers everything from Memorymoog to CS, VS to ARP, and even does Digital FM noises. It is a one-stop all-in-one virtual modular synth that covers the history of vintage synths while adding capabilities that the originals lacked."

Drew Neumann composed the music and designed and recorded the voices and sound effects for episodes of "Aeon Flux" shorts from the cutting-edge animation series "Liquid Television" on MTV and went on to score 10 half-hour episodes of "Aeon Flux" when picked up as a series.
In addition, he has contributed sound design and music composition for a variety of synthesizers, sound libraries, and software and computer products.

Chris Godbey

"Analog Factory was my first love from Arturia.  Now, the Origin takes that love to the next level.  It's infinitely tweak-able.  Whether you are simply calling up a simple Minimoog patch or custom building a four oscillator, four filter polyphonic monster, the Origin provides you with interactive inspiration.  The Origin allows you to create impossible synth combinations, all the while sounding like analog synths were meant to sound, like sweet, sweet voltage!!  This is truly a modern classic. Thanks Arturia!!"

Chris Godbey had a love of synthesizers at an early age that eventually led him to audio engineering.  Now, 34, he has recorded, mixed and/or produced a wide variety of music including Grammy Award winning projects for Kirk Franklin.  Currently, he's working with Timbaland and is using the Origin as a signal processor during mixing on Timbaland's upcoming album, "Shock Value 2.

Che Pope

"I purchased my origin site unseen because I love all of Arturia's virtual plug ins and to my surprise the origin sounded bigger and fatter than I expected. It is one of my go to weapons in my arsenal"

Producer - Composer : Producer for Dr. Dre, 50 cent, Idle Warship, Eminem, Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, Santana, Whitney Houston, Destiny's Child, Aretha Franklin, Beverly Knight,...
Sound-track composer : for WhiteBoys 1997, Life & Lyrics 2006 , Tyra Banks Show – Theme,...

Steve Jablonsky

"What I love about the Origin is how easily I was able to integrate it into my writing process. It's a really deep synth that you can spend hours and hours experimenting with, or if you're like me and you're constantly dealing with deadlines, you can twiddle some knobs and quickly have a cool and unique patch. The sound quality is amazing, but that's expected with Arturia. And the joystick is just plain fun."

Steve Jablonsky - score composers for such movies as “Transformers” or “The Island", for TV series like "Desperate Housewifes" and for video games such as "Sims 3" or "Gears of war 2".

Jordan Rudess

"The Arturia origin is a super powerful synthesizer that is a dream come true for me. Having grown up with the world of classic analog synthesizers and now living in the digital age, the Origin marries these worlds for me in a perfectly intuitive, great sounding hardware musical instrument. In my studio that is filled with instruments, this one stands out strongly as unique and captivating"

Jordan Rudess - Member of the progressive metal band Dream Theater and the progressive rock supergroup Liquid Tension Experiment

Danny Saber

"The Arturia Origin is the most pliable sound source I've ever heard. It sticks to what ever you throw it at"

Danny Saber - musician, audio engineer, record producer, and remixer. A former member of Black Grape and Agent Provocateur, Saber plays guitar, bass, organ, and keyboards, and is also a prominent Los Angeles DJ.
Saber has earned a reputation for diversity in his production and remixing talents, as the genres of the artists with whom he has worked have included pop (Madonna, Seal), rock (David Bowie, U2, The Rolling Stones), heavy metal (Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, Marilyn Manson), hip-hop (Busta Rhymes, Public Enemy), and more. Saber co-produced and performed on Alice Cooper's Along Came A Spider album, and has songwriting credits on eight of the eleven songs on the album. He has also scored and or contributed music to a wide range studio and indy films (Blade II, Moulin Rouge, Dallas 362, The Limey, Played)

Brian London

"Arturia’s Origin is a dream come true. Its huge sound palette and incredible control over massive synths have made it my tool of choice on stage with Rihanna and Lady Gaga."

Brian London - Keyboardist for Lady Gaga, Rihanna

Kern Brantley

"I think the Arturia Origin is amazing. It's perfect for live shows as I can have multiple synth sounds on stage without the extra lap top. I love the presets and I'm very excited about incorporating it on tour."

Kern Brantley,  Bassist/Bass Keys and Band Leader for Lady Gaga.

Amin Bhatia

"Now this is the future: All the sounds from the worlds greatest synthesizers in a box that is as easy and as fun to use as a Minimoog. The joyous days of analog power and warmth, but with digital recall. And no computer required. I'm liking this"

Amin Bhatia has a dual career both as synth programmer and orchestral film composer. His "Interstellar Suite" (Capitol/Cinema) was a landmark album for analog synthesizers. The sequel "Virtuality" is the first album to be endorsed by the Bob Moog Foundation. Of note is "Bolero Electronica", Ravel's masterpiece performed on 75 years of synthesizers in chronological order.

Steve Ferlazzo

"The Arturia Origin is a truly inspirational instrument! Having some of the most classic synth engines available onboard and the ability to mix and match components from each of these synths really allows me to create fresh and exciting new sounds. Plus, the amount of modulation sources and destinations allow for constantly evolving sounds that never get stale. Ribbon controller, LUV it! A wiz to program as well. Now my no#1 goto synth!"

Steve is currently keyboardist for Avril Lavigne as well as LA session keyboardist, sound designer and programmer.

Division cadre

The Glitch Mob

"Spark is powerful and intuitive. It’s a great solution for producers and beat makers. We can see it being an essential piece for live performers and studio heads. The interface is simple. We had it up and running in no time. The FX section is great as well. But the most importantly, the stock sounds are absolutely top notch just as you would expect from Arturia."

The Glitch Mob


"I love the sound of Spark! The snares are punchy, the kicks sound so deep... The quality of analog emulation really jumped to my ears the first time I used it. The FX pad is also very well thought out for using filters and slicers live. I will use Spark on the next Vitalic tour because it is an awesome and reliable instrument."


The Crystal Method

"This is such a great product! We love the interface, the controller, and it sounds awesome! The browser is brilliant and the X/Y filter control pad is lots of fun. We’ll be using Spark a lot."

The Crystal Method

Chris Keating of Yeasayer

"There are a lot of software drum sequencers on the market and most of them, I’ve found, just fall short in sound quality.With Spark, Arturia has been able to capture the warmth and fidelity of original analog drum machines and re-imagine the sounds into a high quality intuitive drum sequencer. I plan on getting very familiar with Spark."

Chris Keating of Yeasayer

Marcel Rodriguez Lopez (The Mars Volta)

"Spark is the perfect drum machine. After countless hours using software and hardware drum machines, Spark has become my go to weapon. It combines the ease of software with the feel of an analog drum machine. The sounds are amazing and features like the X ,Y pad and the loop function help to write ideas that i couldn’t have come up with any other way."

Marcel Rodriguez Lopez (The Mars Volta).


"I love that Spark combines the functionality of a drum machine with a powerful sequencer to enable many new creative possibilities. An essential addition to my studio setup."

Claude VonStroke

"spark is right up my alley. a dedicated drum unit with the step sequencer buttons built into the hardware. I like to run through lots of ideas very quickly and this is a perfect device for that way of working. Just lay down a beat and get cracking. The best way to get moving on a track is to have something that sounds good and can be quickly manipulated without having a PHD in synthesis."

Claude has headlined almost every major club, festival and basement after-party in the world. The outdoor dirtybird parties in San Francisco’s scenic Golden Gate Park have also become a legendary summer destination point for both locals and international travelers.

80 Kidz

"Spark is cool, sounds good and is easy to use. The physical modelling is amazing and brings a lot of new sounds. The response and sensitivity of the pads are really nice; we didn't feel any latency when using Spark and this makes it a great tool for the stage."

80 Kidz.

Sandy Vee

"Spark is an amazing drum machine, making music production so much faster and fun. Since I got into it, I cannot stop the creative flow. Believe me, if you are looking for an instrument that will give you top-notch emulations of classic drum machines, instant access to great-sounding acoustic drum kits and innovative contemporary beats, Spark is your weapon of choice."

Sandy Vee, Grammy-Award winning Producer, Songwriter (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ne-Yo, Taio Cruz...)

Sebastien leger

"All the kits included in Spark sound amazingly good and are extremely useful for my productions. As a die-hard fan and owner of vintage drum machines, I love their emulations of the LinnDrum, TR-808, TR-909, Drumtraks, etc. They capture all the punch and warmth of the originals, with even deeper tweaking possibilities. Spark definitely brings the touch of creativity and originality I'm always looking for in musical instruments."

Sebastien Leger begins 2010 in fine form. His label, Mistakes, has further strengthened his role as one of Europe’s leading proponents of contemporary underground techno. Over 50 Eps for labels including Black Jack, Ovum, Intec, Pryda, and beyond, make for an enviable discography, but as the cliché goes, you’re as good as your last record, and Leger has always kept the bar high despite a prolific release schedule.
In addition to his studio exploits, a busy DJ diary means gigs across the planet, from Germany to Japan, the UK to Ibiza, and the US to Asia. It’s a schedule that means Sebastien remains at the forefront of modern EDM, taking his music to wherever dance culture shines brightest.

Division cadre

Roger Lyons

"The return of the unknown classic! I used 2 of these SEM modules (salvaged from an 8 voice) virtually every working day between 1992 and 2005 in my studio. If i wanted a pulsey seq or arpegio type riff this was THE synth. Cuts through a mix great and like nothing else BUT VIRTUALLY NO ONE KNEW THESE LITTLE SYNTHS!!! (clients referred to them as "the white lads") An absolute classic that I am extremely glad has been virtualised and a true asset to anyones sonic arsenal"

Keyboardist, Sound Designer and Producer. Worked notably with New Order, OMD, Prince and many dance acts from the late 80's and 90's.

Ian Boddy

"Analogue warmth & movement abound in the unique multimode filter found on the SEM and I'm happy to say that this has been faithfully recreated on the Arturia version of this venerable classic analogue module. The front panel of the SEM always had a beautiful simplicity to it that made creating your own sounds a breeze and the subtle additions that Arturia have made to this are well thought out and in keeping with the sound of this timeless classic synth."

Ian Boddy is a dedicated analogue head who has been creating library music used in TV & films as well as his own brand of ambient electronica released via his DiN label.

Brendan Perry

"The Oberheim SEM V has a simplicity and elegance that was a feature of many 70’s synths. Arturia have managed to replicate these qualities as well as adding some very cool innovations to the original design. The 8 Voice programmer module in particular is a joy to use especially in combination with the arpeggiator, delivering beautifully evolving sequences and pulsating arps. A true classic in my opinion."

Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance).

Steve Lindsey

"Arturia has done it again! I am proud to be a part of the beta testing for the Oberheim SEM V... the original SEM was one of my first and favorite synths. Arturia has nailed it polyphony without the tuning nightmare. What more can you ask for?"

Steve Lindsey.

Erik Norlander

"Arturia has once again delivered a faithful recreation of another analog classic with SEM V. SEM V is a highly musical instrument that evokes the original in so many surprising ways. The filter in all states sounds like the real thing, and they've even captured some more subtle details like the clipping of the envelope generators that adds to the signature sound of the original synth. I have been a long-time user of the SEMs, and about 15 years ago I spent a wheelbarrow full of money to have my several of my Studio Electronics rack-mounted SEMs further modified to bring out all their patch points from the original circuit boards, something the Oberheim people were nice enough to leave there for us. Then I built separate breakout boxes for the patch points as well as for little oscillator mixers, mults and ... wait for it ... suboscillators at both 8vb and 16vb. Now Arturia has added so many of these previously expensive and esoteric features to SEM V. No more metal shop visits or electrical engineer wrangling required! Imagine my delight when I first tried SEM V and found the control for suboscillators. Where were you guys 15 years ago? "

Erik Norlander.

Division cadre

Kris Menace

"arturia provides one of the best sounding vst plugins available. even tho i have some of the real instruments like the jupiter8 or the minimoog its much easier and faster to work with the arturia bundle, wherever you are, whenever you want and all this without any compromises in sound and function. "

Kris Menace

Lionel D. Jarvis

"Arturia’s soft synth’s are absolutely incredible sounding. The true to vintage keyboard sounds will blow you away. The ease of which you can use these soft synths is unbelievable.
I recently jumped on board with this great company and very very glad I did. I am using the Arturia keyboards in Nelly’s upcoming Euro Tour starting in July 08. The thick rich sounds are exactly what I needed!!"

Music Director/Bass Guitarist, songwriter, arranger and producer.

Live Performance:
Nelly Furtado(2000 to present), George Clinton,Backstreet Boys, Tamia, Ben. E. King, Percy Sledge, Dorothy Moore, The Platters, Leroy Sibbles, Alfonso Johnson (Skatalites), Wesley Philips (The Jacksons), Liberty Silver, Vivienne Williams (Sony Records), Arsenals (Moon Records), Punjabi by Nature...

Antoine Clamaran

"What I really appreciate about Arturia, are the sounds they developped for their synthesizers and their incredible realism. The pads are impressive, they give true dimension to the track you’re building. The ergonomy is brilliantly conceived and thought through, offers easy access and tons of possibilities to the user. ARP2600 V, CS-80V & the Minimoog V are must have synths !"

As a DJ, author and producer, Antoine Clamaran has turned the whole planet into a huge dance floor ! His name is known as a synonym with talent and success. He is also famous for his never-ending quest of universal and irresistible sounds.
Appart from his numerous productions and remixes for international star DJs, he released a first album entitled "Release Yourself" in 2002, followed by four opuses of "Mix Inc." between 2003 and 2005.

Bernard "Touter" Harvey - Inner Circle

"WOW! I am totally blown away by the rich phat sounds that the vintage collection reproduce so well. I'm already in love with both the ARP 2600 V and Moog Modular V. They will definitely be used in our productions."

David Rosenthal (Billy Joel’s Musical Director and Keyboardist)

"Arturia’s V Collection is the best sounding collection of software synths I’ve ever heard. From the oscillators to the filters to the envelope generators, every nuance has been captured and the true analog character of each synth is exactly like the original."
David Rosenthal - Keyboardist and musical director for Billy Joel, synth programmer for Bruce Springsteen. He’s also performed and/or recorded with Rainbow, Cyndi Lauper, Robert Palmer, Steve Vai, Enrique Iglesias, and many others.

Suicide Booth

"A lot of people ask us how we are able to afford all these old vintage synths we use in our songs. In fact we use mainly the Arturia V COLLECTION to create our music. It´s just incredible how* *authentic they sound and how easy they are to use."

Ric'key Pageot

"If you are looking for a plug in version of your favorite old school analog synths, hands down, the V collection is what you want, better yet, what you need. Having access to the amazing sounds of the Arp 2600, the Jupiter 8, the Minimoog, and much more, all-in-one on stage, is a relief. Don't sleep on this one, get the V Collection."

With his years of classical and jazz training, Ric'key Pageot's career has led him to tour as an MD/keyboardist/accordionist for Cirque du Soleil's Delirium and he's now touring with Madonna on the Sticky and Sweet tour, all of this, at an early age. He also works with his beautiful wife and very talented singer, Dessy Di Lauro, which whom he produced her EP album, A Study of a Woman's Soul.

Armin van Buuren

"I’ve been making dance music ever since everyone still had their old synths connected via MIDI to their Atari. Times have changed but I still look for that old analog sound. The Arturia synths come awfully close the original sound but without the hum and unwanted noises. They give you all the advantages of a plugin. The V Collection is now an essential part of my set up."

ARMIN VAN BUUREN, voted World Best DJ, 2008.

Tim Shiel from Gotye

"I've been producing electronic music in Melbourne Australia since 2005 under the name Faux Pas. I am also currently a member of the touring band for Gotye, travelling with him as his keyboardist and Ableton tech on the "Making Mirrors" tour. Over the past two years we've had the good fortune of playing all across the world, from Korea to the David Letterman Show, from Germany to the Sydney Opera House, from Coachella Festival to Tokyo, Japan.

I first heard about Arturia when reading an interview with Joe Goddard from Hot Chip. I had always marvelled at the rich synth sounds on their first couple of records, and assumed (naively) that they used a lot of analog synths. Scouring ithe net I came across this interview where Joe mentioned that they had used the Arturia Moog Modular V emulator almost exclusively on some of my favourite tracks - which meant that maybe I too could get some of those sounds without having to spend thousands on hardware. Investigating that one synth then led me to all of Arturia's products, which are uniformly well-designed, intuitive and fun to use.

I'm also a big fan of the Arturia Analog Factory keyboard, which feels great to play, I used that a lot in the studio as my primary keyboard for many years, and also used it as my primary MIDI controller in an early incarnation of my Gotye live setup.

Arturia synths just sound better..!"

Tim Shiel from Gotye

Robert Babicz

"I don't know any production from myself, from the last 2 years without Arturia plug ins !! Its always one of the first things I open during the session"

On January 5th 1973 Robert is born in Poland. Since 1980 he’s living in Germany and since the beginning of the nineties he released 5 albums and multiple maxi singles on labels like Treibstoff,Punkt, Disko B, Force Inc, Mille Plateaux, Bpitch Control, PAR, Taktik,Treibstoff, Junkfood, Important Records or Knee Deep – the Label of DJ Rush. His pseudonymes Rob Acid, Robert Babicz, Sontec, Dicabor or Atlon Inc impart the wide range of his musical outgrowths; he hits different spots and leaves his marks.


"I am a stickler for the old synths so much that I have just about every keyboard of importance. Now with the VCollection, these damn keyboards are collecting dust!"

Legendary hip-hop innovator and Grammy award winner. Author of several solo albums, revered by peers in and outside of hip hop’s tremendous orbit, Q-Tip’s long list of collaborators includes R.E.M., Nas, Will.I.Am., Mariah Carey, Busta hymes, Korn and Janet Jackson. Q-Tip won his first Grammy in 2006 for Best Dance Recording for his featured appearance on the Chemical Brothers’ “Galvanized.”

Herman Jackson - American Idol, Rod Stewart

"The Arturia soft-synth's are the best sounding that I have used. The realism is incredible, they sound as good as the originals and being able to save patches saves so much time. I use them with Logic Pro 8, for sequencing ideas and most of the time the Arturia synth's make the final mix."

Herman Jackson (born April 23, 1965). Throughout a career that has taken him from classical studies to jazz clubs, funk bands, smooth jazz sessions and teeny bopper pop tours, Herman Jackson has proven himself a versatile and adaptable musician of the highest order. As a pianist, producer, arranger, musical director and conductor, he is among the busiest players in the business.

Jeff Pilson - Foreigner

"I'm so excited to have Arturia's V Collection in my arsenal. With Foreigner I need access to a huge palette of sounds, especially vintage analog sounds. To have all these great vintage sounds with the control of a modern DAW is absolutely mind boggling. These synths will be all over every record I do for a while!"

Jeff Pilson (born January 19, 1966) is an American bass guitarist specializing in the heavy metal music genre. He was a member of 1980s heavy metal bands Dokken and Dio. He currently has his own progressive metal group called War and Peace, which was formed in 1993 and has released two albums: 1993's War and Peace and 2004's The Walls Have Eyes. He also works with his ex-Dokken bandmate, guitarist George Lynch, in a two-member group called Lynch/Pilson, and is in Foreigner.

The Crystal Method

"Arturia is leading the pack in effectively allowing you to pull up the biggest and the baddest synths in the history of electricity inside your DAW. We can't say enough of how impressed we are with the Jupiter-8V, ARP2600 V, CS-80V and the Minimoog V."

The Crystal Method is an American electronic music duo consisting of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. Along with The Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, and a few other lesser-known acts, they were pioneers of the big beat electronic dance genre, and one of its few American proponents.

Roots Manuva

"The Arturia V collection has revolutionised the way I work away from my studio.  Even when you have access to vintage synths, the Arturia collection is my first point of call, due to the speed that I can dial up my favourite settings.  The sound is incredible and they're faithful to the originals.  Now I have a Mini Moog in every hotel that I visit."

British rapper/producer Rodney Smith established himself as Roots Manuva in the late '90s and began releasing a series of highly regarded albums through Big Dada (which were usually distributed by Ninja Tune). Smith's work spanned the music spectrum, firmly rooted in dub and ragga but also incorporating much of the trip-hop style often associated with Ninja Tune.

Chris Lake

"I think you'll struggle to find a better value bundle than the V-collection. I bought it over a year ago, and ever since then, it's the first group of plugin synths I turn to for inspiration. There is such a broad choice available, it's difficult to run into writers block with this under your belt"

Chris Lake.

Soul Seekerz.

"Without the Arturia V-Collection I simply could not do what I do. Whatever style I am working in, whatever I need, I find it in the V-Collection, and in abundance. The depth and power of the sounds is simply breathtaking. There is no question, Arturia ROCKS!"

2007 was a great year for the Soul Seekerz. Recently they signed their new single "Soul Seekerz Theme" to Positiva and look set to build upon their previous club and commercial hits ("Party For The Weekend" and their collaboration with Dannii Minogue entitled "Perfection") The new track is currently in promotion with a full release scheduled for early 2008 and looks set to see the Soul Seekerz back in the UK Charts where they belong.

Hannah Vasanth

"Arturia's V- Collection is an absolute must in my Soft Synth Collection - having so many classic synths available at my fingertips is astonishing.
These plugins are already a regular in my studio and I am looking forward to experimenting with them in upcoming live situations. Thanks Arturia for combining wonderful vintage sounds with modern compatibility and technology!

Hannah Vasanth is a keyboard player, song writer and producer, who is currently on tour with Rihanna on her "Last Girl on Earth" Show. She has previously played for the Sugababes, Jay Sean, Anastacia, Daniel Merriweather, ABC, Bugz in the Attic, Jon Lord, etc.

Amin Bhatia

"Vintage synthesizers have always been my favorite tools but they could never keep up with my film score deadlines ...until now. Thank you so much Arturia."

Amin Bhatia has a dual career both as synth programmer and orchestral film composer. His "Interstellar Suite" (Capitol/Cinema) was a landmark album for analog synthesizers. The sequel "Virtuality" is the first album to be endorsed by the Bob Moog Foundation. Of note is "Bolero Electronica", Ravel's masterpiece performed on 75 years of synthesizers in chronological order.

Martin Solveig

"Thanks to the Arturia V-Collection and its state-of-the-art TAE audio engine, the analog gems of the past are now accessible to every DAW user out there, which means a great deal of sound and attitude combined with all the advantages of today’s technology… All in all, a pretty nice addition to any studio, even when you actually work with real analog beasts as I still like to do."

Martin Solveig has been associated to the famous French and international djs status ever since the creation of such a status but each of his release has allowed him to assert himself as a true artist. Songwriter, composer, producer and even singer when the fancy takes him, Martin is back on the scene with a 3rd album, “C’est la vie”, which is resolutely pop, modern and more electronic than his previous works. So be it, C’est la vie!

Nathan Vinall aka Skynet

“Arturia is leading the revolution of digital hybrid technologies in the audio spectrum of our age, and set the platform for truly amazing days for home and professional producers alike. The V-Synth collection is all you need to bring that classic ‘analogue’ realism back to the modern day workflow.”

Division cadre

Way out West

"We have found the Analog Factory Experience a great addition to the Way out west studio. All the soft synths especially the ARP 2600 are simple to use and produce fantastic sounds. The keyboard itself looks great and fits in with all our vintage keyboards a treat."


Junkie XL

"Analog Factory has it all... Killer sounds, and an intuitive and easy way to dial up anything I could possibly need."

As JUNKIE XL, Dutch born musician, producer, remixer and one-man band Tom Holkenborg has become synonymous with electronic dance music. Musically never comfortable in one place, his new work highlights surprises for his fans.

Division cadre

Roger Manning Jr.

"Having been a fan of Arturia's product line for many years I was pleasantly surprised by the creation of Analog Laboratory. To have so many amazing presets from over a decade's worth of classic analog synths all in one device...AND I can still go to town editing them as needed. Brilliant addition to an already great collecton of soft synths."

Roger Manning Jr. - American keyboard player, vocalist, and guitarist, and founding member of bands Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, The Moog Cookbook, and TV Eyes.

Dave Isaac

"Just looking at the Analog Laboratory takes you back to the 70’s hits when analog keyboards ruled! After you’ve gone through a few sounds, you’re busy creating some hits of your own!"

Dave Isaac - 3 Time Grammy Award Winner Credits with such artists as Madonna, Puff Daddy, Whitney Houston and more.


"Arturia synths are the best sounding on the market. With Analog Laboratory, I am enjoying immediate access to all of their sounds through a straightforward interface. The product is easy to use and extremely inspiring."

Q-Tip - Grammy Award winner, former member of "A Tribe Called Quest"


"If you want that old school sound Analog Factory (Laboratory) is the perfect solution. It comes with one of the best feeling keyboards money can buy and thousands of sounds."

Mischke - Vocalist and Producer Credits with Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, B2K,...

Kruder & Dorfmeister

"We have been using Arturia's instruments for quite a while now and it`s an excellent addition to our work. Their new Analog Laboratory is a very effective unit especially in combination with the original soft synths"

Dr. Richard from Kruder & Dorfmeister


"We love Analog Experience the Laboratory because the keyboard is so intuitive! As fans and owners of vintage synths, we definitely find the same warmth and character in this great Arturia product."

French electronic duo The Shoes recently got hooked by the Analog Laboratory 49 keyboard and take it as their new studio & stage companion.


"We love using the Arturia virtual synths. They are top notch when it comes to analog synthesizer emulation. And now with the Analog Laboratory you have a direct access to all these sounds in a simple and classy way."


The Glitch Mob

"When producing our album we started a new setup from scratch. We got rid of all of our hardware synths and based everything off of Arturia. The idea was to make a cutting edge electronic record that sounded classic and timeless. Analog Laboratory allowed us to do this with much ease."

The Glitch Mob

Robert Babicz

"I am known to have tons of hardware, but when it comes to the pure sounds, very often Analog Factory Laboratory is the first place to have a look for what i need. Presets are a good startpoint to modify it to your own needs, thank you again Arturia."

Robert Babicz

Division cadre

Steve Pageot

"The Analog Laboratory is the go to soft-synth for any serious musician who wants to make a statement in today’s music. It was designed to make your life easier, no more headaches. If you are a beat maker this new product will really come in handy when it’s time to lay a track. Hands down Arturia!"

Steve Pageot - Grammy Award winning Producer and Composer. Credits with Aretha Franklin, Snoop Dogg, New Edition, ...

Keith Everette Smith

"Since I got Arturia’s Analog Laboratory I have literally used it on everything I’ve worked on. The ability to have so many historic synthesizers available at the touch of a button is amazing. I’m simply blown away!"

Keith Everette Smith is a wildly diverse record producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He has recorded and performed with the likes of Jack White, The Jonas Brothers, Chicago, Anthem Lights, Campaign, Rachel Lampa and Tenth Avenue North.

Jim McGorman

"The Analog Laboratory is laid out in such a way, that in a few seconds you are making the sounds your own. The presets are big, warm and scrumptious. I’ve been using the Arturia synths for a while now and I really love them."

Jim McGorman - Musical Director for Avril Lavigne and Weezer. Credits with Cher, Shakira, Miley Cyrus, and more...

Roger Manning Jr.

"Having been a fan of Arturia's product line for many years I was pleasantly surprised by the creation of Analog Laboratory. To have so many amazing presets from over a decade's worth of classic analog synths all in one device...AND I can still go to town editing them as needed. Brilliant addition to an already great collecton of soft synths."

Roger Manning Jr. - American keyboard player, vocalist, and guitarist, and founding member of bands Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, The Moog Cookbook, and TV Eyes.

Kruder & Dorfmeister

"We have been using Arturia's instruments for quite a while now and it`s an excellent addition to our work. Their new Analog Laboratory is a very effective unit especially in combination
with the original soft synths"

Dr. Richard from Kruder & Dorfmeister

Division cadre

Ranjit Barot

"I know there have been other attemps in the software world, but no other product comes close to this. Analog Factory gives me the necessary tools to create cutting edge music."

Paul Hartnoll - Orbital

"... who want an inexhaustible supply of vintage analog gear at their fingertips, Analog Factory is a must."

Paul Hartnoll (born May 19, 1968) is a member of Orbital with his brother Phil.

Man Parrish

"Having all these great sounds in one high quality, easy to use plug-in is the real deal!"

Man Parrish (full name Manuel Joseph Parrish, born May 6, 1958) is considered to be one of the pioneers of the Electronic Music and Hip Hop genres. He, along with many artists, helped create and define the sound of B-Boy Hip Hop of the early 80’s. He became an underground music scene icon in the 1980s and 1990s and is one of the most important and influential figures in American electronic dance music.

Taku Takahashi (m-flo)

"The three great things about Analog Factory: its fat sound, the ease with which you can change the sound to suit your needs and finally, finding a great preset from the vast library is only a few clicks away."

Taku Takahashi (born March 29, 1974). Outside of the m-flo umbrella, Taku has produced tracks for such artists as Crystal Kay and melody. He also once had his own label, Tachytelic Records, which housed Emi Hinouchi. Being the DJ in m-flo, Taku's voice is rarely heard in m-flo music. In many songs, Taku may be heard saying short, disconnected phrases such as "Let's Go!". He has had substantial rap lines only in a small number of tracks, including "The Rhyme Brokers", "gET oN!" and "VANESSA". (japanese site)

Herbie Hancock

"Analog Factory is a beautiful mixture of the current Arturia products all rolled into one package."

Herbert Jeffrey Hancock (born April 12, 1940) is an Academy Award and Grammy award-winning American jazz pianist and composer. He embraced elements of rock, funk, and soul while adopting freer stylistic elements from jazz.

Laurent Garnier

"If like me you are always looking for new sounds, Analog Factory is the instrument to always use as it is most definitely very inspirational."

Laurent Garnier (born February 1, 1966) is a French techno music producer and DJ. Laurent Garnier began DJ-ing in Manchester during the late 1980s. By the following decade, he had a broad stylistic range, able to span classic deep house and Detroit techno, the harder side of acid/trance and jazzy tracks as well. He added production work to his schedule in the early 1990s and recorded several LPs.

Division cadre

DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta

"...Arturia Jupiter 8V, there simply is no substitute.  We use it non stop on our productions.  Its Phatt and rock solid ! ...."

DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta are one of today’s most prolific dj/production duos based out of New York City. Their dj sets have been described as the sickest and most hardcore ever heard by clubbers and industry professionals alike. The duo have been known to perform their tunes live during their sets, taking the crowds into a frenzy.  Thus adding that extra spark to their live shows. A definite must see!

Alexander Kowalski

"... I love the warm sound. The Modulations are much better than in the original. The Sequencer is amazing. And the Effects are really cool. Like all the Arturia-stuff: FAT!!"

Alexander Kowalski (born in 1978) is a popular German techno music artist.

Howard Jones

"My favorite synth of all time is now a soft-synth thanks to the wonderful people at Arturia... This is a must have for all of us JP8 lovers."

Howard Jones (born February 23, 1955) is an English singer and songwriter who gained acclaim in the 1980s.

Shankar Ehsaan Loy

"The Arturia synths are perfect for the background scoring of the sound-tracks we produce here at Bollywood... For people who have worked with the original machines like us, the Arturia recreations are just top-class."

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy are Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa. They are music composers from India. They have teamed together to provide music for several Indian Films. Each member of this trio brings his own unique talents and experiences to the group, combining the Carnatic and Classical Indian vocal tradition (Shankar), Western Rock (Ehsaan) and a deep understanding of fusion including a virtual mastery over the Electronic Synthesizer (Loy).

Alex Gopher

"From the first minuets of use, Jupiter-8V immediatly inspired me. I immediatly had new ideas and new basis of compositions... It's a very good tool with the report/ratio price quality really appreciable."

Alex Gopher is a French record producer, DJ and musician.

Alex Gopher's MySpace

Leslie Lewis

"When Arturia asked me to audition the new Jupiter-8V, without doubt, I was transported back in time!.. Same Futuristic looks... Same Flashing lights... and the same Fantastic sound, just like the original synth!!"

Leslie Lewis is an Indian composer, perhaps best known for his work as part Colonial Cousins, a duo composed of Lewis and Hariharan.

Salim and Sulaiman

"It's almost like having a photograph of the Jupiter-8 hardware on your computer; Having used our father's unit, we find that the software has revived older memories."

Salim and Sulaiman are famous Hindi music directors. The Salim-Sulaiman duo consist of two brothers, Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant. Salim and Sulaiman have been composing music for over a decade having scored for Indian movies.

Barry Burns - Mogwai

"I'm having a lot of fun with the JP8V, just like Devo and Depeche Mode had with the original hardware synth. This is much easier to bring to concerts and rehearsal rooms though, and it sounds really, really great..."

Barry Burns is a Scottish musician best known for his work with post-rock band Mogwai.

Gabrial McNair

"...The Jupiter 8 is one of my all-time favorite synthesizers. When I first played the Arturia Jupiter-8V, I was amazed and instantly taken back to the first time I played the original ..."

GABRIAL McNAIR (member of the band No Doubt - Collaborator to Smashing Pumpkins, Gwen Stefani, The Offsprings,.... - TV and movie score producer).

Chris Pitman - Guns N' Roses

"This is by far the best VST instrument I've ever heard, period! You guys are onto a winner here!"

Chris Pitman (born February 25, 1976) is a Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. In 1998, Pitman joined hard rock band Guns N' Roses as the keyboardist, along with Dizzy Reed, during concerts he also plays orchestration, synthesizers and sound effects.

Adam Beyer

"If you thought the Moog was amazing the Jupiter-8V will blow your mind. It is a very well executed software synth that I will definitely use a lot. Another monster from Arturia, I love it."

Adam Beyer (born 1976) is a Swedish techno producer and DJ. He is the founder of Drumcode Records, Truesoul Records, Code Red Recordings and Mad Eye Recordings. He is one of several Swedish techno artists to emerge in the mid 1990's.

Adam Beyer's MySpace

Division cadre

Steve Porcaro -Toto

"Leave it to Arturia to bring classic synthesizers from the past back to life in such a way as to exceed all expectations."

Steven Maxwell "Steve" Porcaro (born 2 September 1957) is a keyboardist and composer who was an original member of the rock/pop band, Toto.

2Square - Telepopmusik

"The prophet V has many sounds with a lot of presence... It is now my ideal synth for pad sounds. The problem is that I have to take care of not using it in each and every of my productions!"

2Square is the pseudonym of Stephan Haeri for his solo projects. He works with Télépopmusik, a French electronic music group composed of the three musicians Fabrice Dumont, Stephan Haeri, and Christophe Hetier.

2Square's MySpace

Lyle Mays

"... With the possibilities offered in hybrid mode, this is infinitely more than just two classic synths bundled together. A real winner in my book."

Lyle Mays (born November 27, 1953) is an American jazz pianist from Wausaukee, Wisconsin. He is best known for his work with guitarist Pat Metheny as a member of the Pat Metheny Group.

Trent Reznor - Nine Inch Nails

"When I got my hands on it I was blown away..."

Michael Trent Reznor (born May 17, 1965) is an American musician, singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is the founder and primary creative force behind the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, and was previously associated with the bands Option 30, Exotic Birds, and Tapeworm, among others. As of 2007, Reznor split his ties with Interscope Records, and is now an independent, unsigned musician.

Division cadre
ARP2600 V

Chad Hugo - Neptunes

"... I love the Arturia ARP 2600 V because it not only sounds great, but I can instantly recall complex patches anywhere in the world."

Charles Hugo (born February 24, 1974), also known as Chase Chad is a Filipino-American, Grammy Award-winning producer. He is best known as one half of the music production and writing duo The Neptunes and is a member of funk/rock band N*E*R*D. He is a saxophonist, pianist, and guitarist.

Tim Carmon

"... And for anyone who knows about the keyboard it will NEVER get any closer than this, forget about it."

In addition to playing keyboards, Tim Carmon is also a drummer, vocalist, and producer. A few of the artists he has worked with include Mary J. Blige, Babyface, Gladys Knight, Kenny Lattimore, Vibe, and Eric Bennet.

Tim Carmon's MySpace

Wally Badarou - Level 42

"Virtuality works magic giving the myth a new reality all these years after; and this power brillantly made tenfold is another testimony that ARP2600 reputation never was usurped. Cheer up Arturia!"

Wally Badarou (born 22 March 1955) is a synthesizer specialist, best known as the longtime associate of the British band Level 42, known for its blend of funk, pop, soul and rock. He has co-written, performed on and (later) co-produced a number of the band's tracks since its debut album in 1981. Though not an official member of Level 42, he has long been considered an informal "fifth member" of what has otherwise usually been a quartet led by bassist, Mark King. Badarou can be seen in the video for "Love Games" on the Level 42 - The Collection DVD.

Division cadre

Philippe Saisse

"Arturia has taken physical modeling technology to another level with BRASS... A must for anyone in film, commercial or serious orchestration."

Philippe Saisse is a smooth jazz and New Age music keyboardist. He is also a producer and doubles on bass.

Judd Miller

"The sound and feel of this virtual instrument is much different than playing a sample... it has a life and aliveness. I don't know of anything else like it."

Division cadre

Hans Zimmer

"I just sold my Yamaha GX1 because I have a great remplacement with Arturia's CS-80V."

Hans Florian Zimmer (born September 12, 1957) is an Academy Award, Grammy, and Golden Globe award-winning film score composer and producer from Germany.

Edwin Birdsong

"I love the sound of that plug-in, and so does Stevie Wonder... I recommend it to anyone who wants great vintage sounds. (About the CS-80V)"

Edwin Birdsong (born in 1950) is an organ player who was known in the 70's and 80's for his experimental funk/disco music. He never achieved chart success, but developed a strong fan base, and has also been sampled by other artists many times, including Daft Punk who sampled "Cola Bottle Baby" in "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", and Gang Starr who sampled his single "Rapper Dapper Snapper" for their song "Skillz".

Edwin Birdsong's MySpace

Franck Serafine

"The CS-80V is like a dream come true, with true classic vintage sounds but with all the latest digital control."

Frank Serafine is an award-winning sound designer, sound supervisor and sound editor. He has received many awards including an Academy Award for the sound design work he did on the movie The Hunt for Red October. He also received a Academy Award nomination for the sound on the movie Tron.

Eric Persing

"It has loads of personality and is capable of amazing sounds which are impossible on my real CS-80."

Eric Persing is the founder of sampling and virtual instrument company Spectrasonics.

Eddie Jobson - Roxy Music - Zappa - UK

"With the CS-80V, Arturia have done a fantastic job of both replicating this classic instrument and adding new features and extensive programmability."

Edwin (Eddie) Jobson (born April 28, 1955 in Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees, England) is an English keyboardist and violinist. He has been a member of several progressive rock bands, including Curved Air, Roxy Music, 801, U.K., and Jethro Tull. He was also part of Frank Zappa's band in 1976-77. Aside from his keyboard work Jobson has also gained acclaim for his violin playing.


"The CS-80V is the cornerstone of our live shows. We've been long time users of Arturia products especially the CS-80V, we use it onstage indeed. We are really impressed by this software by the way as we own a real CS-80 unit and find the similarities with the software pretty amazing."

Phoenix is a Grammy Award winning French alternative rock band from Versailles.
Since the release of 2009's 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,' the band have become one of Europe's hottest exports. With copious radio airplay, features in TV ads, and a 2010 Grammy award for Best Alternative Album,  they have also played nearly every major festival in the US and Europe.
Daft Punk made a special appearance for their show in Madison Square Garden on October 20, 2010.

Randy Cantor

"The CS-80 sounded absolutely amazing and unique, and so does the CS-80V!... The sounds you can get from them are endless."

Jamie Muhoberac

"One of the most appealing things about the CS-80V was the unique sound and shape of its amplitude and tremolo modulation."

Jamie Muhoberac is a session keyboardist with numerous credits, including with Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones (Bridges to Babylon), Backstreet Boys, Aly & AJ, Bob Dylan, Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Cornell (Carry On), My Chemical Romance, Paradise Lost, Carmen Rizzo and Pet Shop Boys. He has often worked with producer Trevor Horn, including for Seal, Art of Noise and Rod Stewart (A Spanner in the Works). His father was session player Larry Muhoberac, who worked with Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Dean Martin, and Elvis Presley and others.

John Merchant

"Arturia has done a remarkable job of capturing the essence of the instrument. It's incredibly authentic. I hear no difference."

George Massenburg

"I reviewed the Arturia CS-80V with some skepticism - as a critical user of the best analog as well as digital processing gear (and permanent fan of the original CS-80 hardware), i am constantly enduring modest programming, often of emulations. Thus, I cannot overstate how thrilled i was, and how deeply gratified I continue to be, with the Arturia emulations. The CS-80V emulation really only fails in one area: the original CS-80 was in constant need of tuning, which was a profoundly tedious chore. I'll take the plug, thanks. same thing for the Mini-Moog. faithfully and flawlessly modeled. and stable!! couldn't live without them now."

George Massenburg is a recording engineer / producer with hundreds of records, and three Grammys, to his credit. in 1972 he wrote the seminal paper on "Parametric Equalization", designing and manufacturing the early ITI, Sontec parametric EQ's. he now manufactures analog gear through GML, LLC, and digital plugs through MDW, LLP. he is also an educator, currently teaching at McGill University in Montreal, the University of Memphis, and Berklee College of Music in Boston (receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Berklee in May, 2009). he is a Fellow of the Audio Engineering Society, and a member of the National Recording Preservation Board of the Library of Congress.

James Lumb

"It has a smooth, detailed sound that you would expect from a real analog synthesizer; with filters that make other digital synths sound gritty by comparison. The CS-80V just sounds great!"

James Lumb is a composer and producer. He is also the former member of the electronica or acid trance band Electric Skychurch.

James Lumb's MySpace

Division cadre

Jean-Michel Jarre

"What we have here is the perfect mastering of modern technologies, to serve the talent of Mr Robert Moog. the Minimoog is a part of my equipement, and is even on the personal desktop which never leaves me."

Jean-Michel André Jarre (born 24 August 1948) is a French composer, performer and music producer. He is highly regarded as one of the pioneers in the electronic, synthpop and New Age genres, as well as the organiser of record-breaking outdoor spectacles of his music, which feature laser displays and fireworks, linking music with the surrounding environment and architecture.

Alexander Adhami

"The Arturia minimoog V so accurately re-creates the original.  Perfected analog synthesis with the ease of being able to save your sounds as a preset.  A must have in the world of synthesis."

Alexander Adhami composes music for the Oprah Winfrey Show,  General Hospital, along with various shows on cable television.  He was nominated for a Grammy with Kitaro for Best New Age Album in 2008.  He has been a session player with the likes of Joe Cocker and Eric Clapton. His work extends to Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone where he orchestrated a show in Germany with A.R. Rahman called "India".


"I've been using the mini moog emulator. Vintage Hardware is not easy to come by these days, this is just simply the next best thing!"

Deadmau5 (pronounced "Dead mouse" and born Joel Zimmerman in Ontario, Canada) is a Progressive House artist and DJ from Toronto, Canada known for tracks such as "Arguru" and "Not Exactly";

Ian Pai

"From the first time I opened up the Minimoog V I was blown away by the sound quality. These three soft synths are what I use to start and finish every song that I have written since. I have a collection of vintage synths but the reliability and the infinite ways you can precisely manipulate and control all the parameters in Arturia's products have left them gathering dust."

IAN PAI (Co-Musical Director/Band) has been collaborating artistically and musically with Blue Man Group since 1990. He has worked as a composer and musician for theatre, film, dance and television. His choreography and his paintings have been exhibited in New York and Korea. In addition to his artistic endeavors he has been working with Pearl Drums since 1993 as a consultant to creating and developing new drum technology for Blue Man Group.

Jake Wherry - The Herbalizer

"Very useable synths that integrate perfectly into my studio setup. Now I have some very good, instantly accessible sounds right at my fingertips. (About the Minimoog V)"

The Herbaliser is a Jazz / hip-hop band formed by Ollie Teeba and Jake Wherry in England during the early '90s. Currently one of the most famous artists from the Ninja Tune independent record label, they have released 8 LPs, including two DJ mixes: one for Ninja Tune's Solid Steel series and the other - released in february 2006 - for Fabric's Live Mix series. Tracks by The Herbaliser have featured a variety of guest vocalists including Jean Grae, Roots Manuva, MF Doom, Seaming To, Rakaa-Iriscience, Blade, Phi Life Cypher, Bahamadia and Dream Warriors.

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Division cadre

Kerry Livgren

"Arturia's Moog is, for all practical purposes, like having your own big Moog Modular synthesizer in your studio. It's my first 'go to' synthesizer."

Kerry Livgren started as the primary songwriter, lead guitarist and keyboardist for 70s/80s band KANSAS, writing such classics as "Dust in the Wind" and "Carry on Wayward Son."

Darrell Diaz

"I played some tracks for a producer for a record I'm working on and he couldn't believe it was a plug-in! I am in heaven with this plug-in!"

Geoff Downes - Yes - Asia

"For anyone who is a fan of the great analog giants of the 70's and 80's, the Moog Modular V is the absolute "full ticket". Get one!"

Geoffrey Downes (born August 25, 1952) is an English rock keyboard player, songwriter, and producer. He is best known as the keyboardist for the bands Asia, Buggles, and also his stint with Yes in 1980. When he was a keyboardist for the Buggles, he would play multiple keyboards to achieve a New Wave technopop sound. He was once entered for the Guinness Book Of Records for performing with most keyboards (28) on stage in one performance.

Guy Allison

"The sound of this VSTi is nothing less than HUGE. Bravo Arturia!"

Guy Allison (born April 23rd, 1959) is an American composer, pianist and producer.

Isao Tomita

"I feel very nostalgic when I see this revival of the Moog Modular synthesizer which I have used regularly for years."

Isao Tomita (born April 22, 1932) is a renowned Japanese electronic music composer.

Klaus Schulze

"The Moog Modular V is an instrument easy to handle, with a beautiful sound and tune-stable."

Klaus Schulze (born August 4, 1947) is a highly influential German electronic music composer and musician. He also used the alias Richard Wahnfried. He was briefly a member of the electronic bands Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel before a solo career of more than 40 albums (more than 110 CDs) lasting over 3 decades.

Hideki Matsutake

"The clipping of waveforms on the oscillator and the filter behaviour especially are perfect."

Hideki Matsutake has been the computer programer for Yellow Magic Orchestra, a Japanese electropop band.

Chris Pitman - Guns N' Roses

"Loaded with effects and extra filter settings I can now look back at my Jupiter-8 days and smile. The best ghostly strings ever and hi pass filters in memory."

Chris Pitman (born February 25, 1976) is a Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. In 1998, Pitman joined hard rock band Guns N' Roses as the keyboardist, along with Dizzy Reed, during concerts he also plays orchestration, synthesizers and sound effects.

Randy Cantor

"I've been using Moog synthesizers for over 20 years in the studio and for the first time, I've actually heard a software synthesizer that sounds like a Moog!."

Jamie Muhoberac

"I love the way it sounds. It has a definite analog quality. And it's capable of more complexity than most analog real synths."

Jamie Muhoberac is a session keyboardist with numerous credits, including with Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones (Bridges to Babylon), Backstreet Boys, Aly & AJ, Bob Dylan, Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Cornell (Carry On), My Chemical Romance, Paradise Lost, Carmen Rizzo and Pet Shop Boys. He has often worked with producer Trevor Horn, including for Seal, Art of Noise and Rod Stewart (A Spanner in the Works). His father was session player Larry Muhoberac, who worked with Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Dean Martin, and Elvis Presley and others.

Jordan Rudess

"The Modular V is a great system. Computers and softwares have come a long way that you can now actually play the fat Moog sound in a software synth."

Jordan Rudess (born November 4, 1956) is a progressive rock keyboardist best known as a member of the progressive metal band Dream Theater.

Mike McKnight

"The sounds are truly fat and unique, it gives me a sound I can't get anywhere else. Some virtual synths are thin, this one rocks!"

Gareth Jones

"The sound is amazing and it's the most reliable virtual instrument that I have ever used."

Gareth Jones is a record producer who has worked on many popular and alternative music records by Depeche Mode, Erasure, Indochine, Interpol, and many others.

Ted Perlman

"My clients cannot believe their ears when I tell them that the kick-ass synth bass they are hearing is coming from a software. Great job!! Great instrument."

Division cadre

Lol Tolhurst

"I LOVE STORM! It has some features that you don't see elsewhere which is a really strong point."

Laurence "Lol" Tolhurst (born February 3, 1959) is a founding member and former drummer/keyboardist for the UK goth rock band, The Cure.

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DJ Q'hey

"It's very nice that STORM has a great interface to produce music, it enables to shape up your imagination intuitively."

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Renato Cantale

"I really appreciate the ease of use of Storm Music Studio. Besides this simplicity, Storm may fulfill some of the needs of a professional musician."

DJ Spooky

"This is the kind of Software people need: an open and transparent interface, instruments that can me made to do all sort of stuff quickly! The Storm music studio has become my editing suit of choice."

DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid (born Paul D. Miller,1970), is an electronic and experimental hip hop musician whose work is often called "illbient" or "trip hop". He is a turntablist and producer. He borrowed his stage name from the character The Subliminal Kid in the novel Nova Express by William S. Burroughs.

Jamie Muhoberac

"Storm has a unique sound that I like a lot... It's all really useful. I am going to use Storm with all my stuff!"

Jamie Muhoberac is a session keyboardist with numerous credits, including with Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones (Bridges to Babylon), Backstreet Boys, Aly & AJ, Bob Dylan, Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Cornell (Carry On), My Chemical Romance, Paradise Lost, Carmen Rizzo and Pet Shop Boys. He has often worked with producer Trevor Horn, including for Seal, Art of Noise and Rod Stewart (A Spanner in the Works). His father was session player Larry Muhoberac, who worked with Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Dean Martin, and Elvis Presley and others.