1st to 30th of September WIN AN ORIGIN!
Creative contest on the theme:
“How Arturia changed my life”

Division cadre


ARTURIA 10 Year Contest results

Among the 48 creative pieces we received, it proved extremely hard to pick 5. But each member of the jury did so and we came to an average mark for each piece.

In the end, the winners are:

  • 1 - [VIDEO] World Of Arturia
    by Robbie Ryan, for his tenderness, creativity and humour
    Wins an Origin synthesizer.
  • 2 - [VIDEO] From love to sound...
    by Bartosz Szczesny, for the love declaration and the high production value.
    Wins the 10 Year Suite.
  • 3 - [AUDIO] Remember 1976
    by Chritophe Teissere, for the quality of his music and the great use of Arturia products
    Wins an Analog Factory Experience.
  • 4 - [VIDEO] Monome :
    by Pierre-Jean Asmus, for the live style and the informative, instructive approach
    Wins an Arturia Analog Classic software.
  • 5 - [AUDIO] Arturia built my sonic Kingdom
    by Marco Antonio RUIZ, for the authenticity of his technical skills
    Wins an Arturia Tee-shirt and USB flash drive.

We want to thank all participants and emphasize again the fact that was extremely difficult to make a choice given the general quality of the production.


Audio tracks

Remember 1976

by Chritophe TEISSERE
This track uses MOOG MODULAR V and JUPITER 8V.
Arturia built my sonic kingdom

by Marco Antonio RUIZ
This track uses only used BRASS and a drum kit.




After final judgment on October the 9th, prizes will be delivered as follows:  

Top five awards are:

  • 1- Origin synthesizer
  • 2- The 10 Year Suite
  • 3- Analog Factory Experience
  • 4- One of Arturia Analog Classic software
  • 5- Arturia Tee-shirt and USB flash drive


Rules & Guidelines

This is an open contest with with only a few restrictions. Feel free to create with Arturia instruments.

  • Submissions can be sent in via eMail (20Mb limit) or use YouSendIt web services. Destination : 10yearcontest @
  • All the submissions must use or refer to at least one Arturia instrument which should be representative of your creation.
  • All the submissions in the contest must be named using the following rules : ( replacing xxx with the file extension )
  • Soundtracks or Videos can't be longer than 5 minutes.
  • We accept .mpg, .mpeg, .mov, .wmv, .asf, .avi, mp3, wav formats up to 100 MB in size. We do not support files with more than 2 audio channels or exotic codecs.
  • A jury made of all Arturia employees will vote and decide the ranking of each participant. Only 5 winners will be announced on Arturia's site.



Videos with nude, vulgarity or other objectionable content will be disqualified. By sending a video or a soundtrack, you grant Arturia permission to use and distribute it royalty-free. ARTURIA becomes the sole owner of all videos clips and soundtracks submitted.

By sending the video or soundtrack you guarantee that no third party copyrights are being violated and that you are the owner of the entire content you send in. Any submission that violates this rule will be automatically disqualified.

We only accept content that can play back on Windows ( XP or later ) or MacOS X computer without additional software and/or codecs. The judges' decisions are final.


Submissions should be made via : Web upload ( Like YouSendIt ), email (20MB limit), Mail (CD, DVD, Tape ...)

Support and additional information

For any additional information request please email to : 10yearcontest @ arturia . com