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Carre Couleur Vox Continental V 2014-04-01 :
"Arturia's emulation captures every nuance of the original instrument. "
Sonic State 2014-04-01 :
"At VOX, we are happy that Arturia is bringing back to life the VOX Continental, one of the great instruments of the Sixties. Arturia's software instruments are known for their sound quality and attention to detail -- which is exactly what the VOX Continental deserves."
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Carre Couleur SparkLE

Music Tech 2013-10-01 :
"A huge range of sounds with a well-rounded range of hardware controls. Very good value for money"
Computer Music 2013-09-01 :
"A vast improvement and a
great addition to any electronic music
production or performance setup"
Tape Op 2013-08-01 :
"The SparkLE is a surprisingly
intuitive system; and as it turns out, it’s a crazy fun way to
build or record beats, as well as play beat-based music in a
live context."
Tape Op 2013-08-01 :
"folks, this little drum instrument is
way too much fun to play! I seriously have not enjoyed the act
of banging out patterns on a drum machine to this degree since
the original MPC. Kudos to Arturia on a well thought-out
performance interface — one that actually is about performance"
FutureMusic 2013-07-01 :
"A powerful beat-making tool with
functionality and sound quality way
beyond its low price point"
Audio Technology magazine 2013-06-01 :
"the SparkLE controller is really the tasty icing on an excellently prepared cake. the format will inspire beats producers in exactly the way ‘drum machines’
always have."
Future Music 2013-03-01 :
""In short, it’s slim, portable and
ships stuffed to the gills with an
awesome library of over 1,500
instruments and 100 kits"
"All this functionality is built into a seriously compact (284mm x 171mm x 17 mm) and portable (comes with a travel case) package. SparkLE is a truly versatile tool for a musician on the go!"
Attack Magazine :
"The SparkLE is absolutely tiny but runs the same big software as its big brother." :
"there has never been a better time than now to add a little sparkle to your rhythmic creativity with SparkLE Creative Drum Machine"
"With SparkLE, Arturia have further refined the Spark hardware. It's a little smaller, lighter, more portable and made of some really nice feeling materials. The body itself is really nice; super rugged, thanks to some sort of super futuristic plastic. It's nice."
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Carre Couleur MicroBrute

Electronic Musician 2014-02-01 :
"An inexpensive monophonic instrument with flexible modulation routing and a Steiner-Parker multimode filter that provides vintages tones without sounding like an ARP, Moog or Oberheim"
Sound on Sound 2014-02-01 :
"The MicroBrute is a pure analogue synth, and it sounds like one. The MicroBrute will become a significant success in its own right."
Keyboard USA 2014-01-01 :
"The sound is anything but “pretty” compared to other contemporary analog synths, but that aggressive character is what makes it essential to my sounds. This synth is meaty and macho like nothing else. If you don’t already own a ’Brute, it’s clear that you will. At this price, practically everyone will."
Music Tech magazine 2014-01-01 :
"MicroBrute should be the first synth students use to learn the basics of analogue synthesis. Thi synth can probably go to more places than any other single-oscillator machine out there"
Future Music 2014-01-01 :
"The Micro – by virtue of its own distinctive sounds – is one of our favourites."
Meet Music Magazine 2013-12-01 :
"Ce synthétiseur possède toute une série de nouvelles caractéristiques aussi intéressantes qu'uniques"
Future Music 2013-12-01 :
"I have to admit to falling for the MicroBrute almost immediately. It is compact, powerful, flexible and fun"
DJ Mag FR 2013-12-01 :
"Arturia nous livre ici un outil puissant, d’une prise en main très rapide et parfaitement adaptée au Live tout comme aux home-studios confinés."
Audiofanzine 2013-11-08 :
"Genetically gifted !

We have here a full-fledged synth that ought to bring down the last barriers and seduce die-hard opponents of real electronic instruments.It has earned a well-deserved 2013 Best Value for Money Award !

It's unbelievable ! This modest investment allows you to have an analog sound with a strong character"
SonicState 2013-11-08 :
"Is love too strong a word to use for an inanimate object ? Perhaps. But I really clicked with the MicroBrute. It has real character, plenty of sonic scope , even as only a single Osc mono with its limitations, and the patching and interfacing is really brilliant"
Musicradar 2013-11-08 :
"you get plenty of synth for not a great deal of money" 2013-11-08 :
"The MicroBrute is a landmark new synth at an incredible price"
Ask Audio :
"Getting creative with the routing is what makes the Microbrute so much fun—and ensures its usefulness in the studio for years to come. The MicroBrute is an amazing deal that meets all needs with savage style."
Estrada i Studio :
"The MicroBrute - with its own characteristic sound - is one of our favorites."
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Carre Couleur BeatStep

KeyBoard 2014-04-01 :
"BeatStep has to be the runaway bang-for-buck hit of NAMM 2014. Whether you need drum machine-style groove entry or a primary sequencer for your modular synth rig, you're covered."
Electronic Musician :
"This lightweight, desktop controller can be used with just about any instrument you own, whether it's software or hardware-based, using MIDI and CV:Gate signals"
Future Music :
"We love Arturia, you love Arturia, and it seems the French masters of hybrid synthesis are about to spread more love. BeatStep is likely to be one of the most important tools you'll want in your electronic arsenal."
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Carre Couleur Spark

Keyboard 2012-02-01 :
"I can sit and play with Spark for hours. It excels in bringing back the tactile feel of a drum machine. This is a great buy and a fine addition to just about any setup that involves beats."
Sound Designer - August 2011 :
"Spark is a must for creative beat makers."
Sound & Recording - August 2011 :
"Clear and flexible software. Intuitive hardware control. Spark is the equipment that has both. Like a rebuilt TR series with modern technology."
Keyboards Recording :
"Spark is a great success ! Both sounds and hardware controller achieved to reach a stunning level of innovation and quality !"
Sound & Recording :
"Clear and flexible software. Intuitive hardware control. Spark is the equipment that has both. Like a rebuilt TR series with modern technology."
Future Music/UK :
"Everything fell into place quite easily without ever looking at the host computer screen. Spark is fun to use, integrating well into the DAW environment when run as a plug-in, and is capable of some great results. Taken as a whole, Spark is in many ways a great system. It helps you focus your creative spirit." - July 2011 :
"Spark is fun to use, integrating well into the DAW environment when run as a plug-in,and is capable of some great results."
Audio Video & Music - June 2011 :
"All electronic music makers will find enthusiastic the possibility to customize any sound and to create patterns with infinite sonic options."
Audio Video & Music :
"All electronic music makers will find enthusiastic the possibility to customize any sound and to create patterns with infinite sonic options."
Future Music/UK :
"Everything fell into place quite easily without ever looking at the host computer screen. Spark is fun to use, integrating well into the DAW environment when run as a plug-in, and is capable of some great results. Taken as a whole, Spark is in many ways a great system. It helps you focus your creative spirit."
Estrada studio/Poland :
"The pads are well made, the sounds are great, and the interface is very user friendly."
MusicTech/UK :
"Spark is incredibly simple to use. [...]The Spark hardware teamed with the software packs a surprising degree of beat-making power. Spark delivers the punchy yet rounded tone of analogue synth drums, and the three controls for each sound really give you the kind of instant satisfaction that these older hardware machines used to."
Interface/Netherlands :
"The Spark and I had a nice time together, that is obvious. [...] For $ 500, it gives you a lot to offer. Not only good emulations of classic machines and many other useful acoustic drum sounds, but also a nice drum machine and a hardware controller that you can use for many other things. All in all, this is a good compromise, with price and features that will convince purists."
Synthesizer Magazin/Germany :
"The device was easy to understand. (...) The controller is solidly built."
Keyboard/USA :
"It’s incredibly fluid to create beats on this puppy. This is the one to get."
Future music/Spain :
"It has an excellent look, and its sound is even better. [...] Spark sounds “real”. The sound library is huge, and expansions will be added."
Estrada studio/Poland :
"The pads are well made, the sounds are great, and the interface is very user friendly."
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Carre Couleur HipHop Producer

EQ Magazine - August 2010 :
"Each element can stand alone by itself, but the big issue here is value - you're getting a lot for your money. Granted, you're going to have a hard time taking it out of its hip-hop comfort zone; but then again, the package was never intended to be anything else, and does what it's supposed to do very well."
Future Music UK - May 2010 :
"If you're a newcomer to Hip Hop production, or are a finger-in-all-pies kind of producer, there's no doubt that the Hip Hop Producer bundle contains everything you need to get started and offers great value for money."
Keys Magazin - May 2010 :
"With Hip Hop Producer Arturia has put together an attractive package, which is for every beginner a comprehensive all-in-one solution. Depending on how good you are already equipped in terms of synth sounds, e-pianos and drum samples, this package can also be a useful addition to a wide range of existing tools. So the sounds offered in here are justified by their superior quality and professional standards. But also in view of the quantity you get offered very much for a little money - a full recommendation!"
Keyboards Recording - April 2010 :
"An excellent concept that pulls together the best sounds from Analog Factory, Ableton's famous Live sequencer in Lite version, Lounge Lizard's electric piano models and a selection of samples from Hip Hop masters ModernBeats.
With this pack it is a now breeze to simply and efficiently create tracks with the best products available- all at a very convincing price."

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Carre Couleur Minibrute

Future Music 2014-02-01 :
"For more than 40 years, ‘the Mini’ referred unambiguously to a single synthesizer, and it wasn’t French. The fact that this may no longer be true suggests that Arturia are on the way to achieving something quite extraordinary."
Toneluster 2013-09-01 :
"Arturia has truly managed to stuff a beast of a synth into a small package. Minibrute delivers a robust sound with fiercely unique attributes, and a bass response that will kick you in the pants"
Sound On Sound :
"It’s a decidedly ‘old school’ instrument,
however, with every function having its own control"
Electronic Musician :
"Are we crazy for giving a monosynth an Editors’ Choice Award in the 21st century? We’d be crazy not to, because the MiniBrute is packed with features, built like a tank and, most importantly, sounds fantastic."
Beatport :
"The MiniBrute combines 21st-century amenities like USB MIDI and the festival-friendly Ultrasaw waveform with vintage tools like the Steiner-Parker multimode filter, arpeggiator, and a thoroughly nasty feedback circuit in its signal path"
Keyboard :
""For features and sound, the MiniBrute is the new bang-for-buck leader among desktop analog monosynths""
Music & Musicians :
""Between its brilliant simplicity and modest price tag, the Arturia MiniBrute is one of the most accessible pure analog synthesizers available""
Keyboard Japan :
"Innovative new parameters make this analog synthesizer outstanding. The 100% analog routing, the Steiner-Parker filter, the Brute factor,... all aspects of the MiniBrute are extremely powerful. I used this synth for some time while reviewing it. I turned each knob and never felt the need for additional effect. In the end, I did not want to return the demo unit."
Sound Designer (Japan) :
"With MiniBrute, you can enjoy designing sounds. And if it is your first synth, you will learn true synthesis.
This unit looks simple and small, but it is heavy and built with high quality."
Sound Recording (Japan) :
"I used the MiniBrute live with Denki Groove. The big, fat, powerful sound coming from this real analog beast filled the Yokohama arena extremely well. The chassis is solid and makes the MiniBrute ideal on stage."
Future Music :
"A great little synth, which manages to pack a lot of punch into its modest frame. The final word on MiniBrute is that we're seriously considering buying one - though we might have to wait for the 'PolyBrute' should Arturia decide to make one!"
KR Home-Studio :
"More fun that a SH-101, equipped with a filter that surpasses more expensive vintage models, available at a very reasonable price, the MiniBrute should meet with success that will be very well deserved."
Keyboard :
"This real analog monosynth looks and plays like the love child of an ARP Axxe and an Octave Cat. The filter from the rare Steiner-Parker Synthacon has an aggressive sound you won't find elsewhere and the arpeggiator is wicked decent. Be warned: if you use the MiniBrute just for Dubstep, we will find you."
Sound On Sound :
"This real analog monosynth looks and plays like the love child of an ARP Axxe and an Octave Cat. The filter from the rare Steiner-Parker Synthacon has an aggressive sound you won't find elsewhere and the arpeggiator is wicked decent. Be warned: if you use the MiniBrute just for Dubstep, we will find you."

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Carre Couleur Origin

Electronic Musician - October 2010 :
"I highly recommend the Origin Keyboard. It's an inspiring piece of well-designed gear at a fair price. It isn't cheap, but you get a tremendous amount of sound engine for your money. Although the Origin has lots of useful and interesting factory programs, it's one of those synthesizers obviously designed with programmers in mind. If you like to build sounds from scratch, you could spend many happy hours and years exploring and programming the Origin Keyboard. If live performance is your gig, it could very effectively take the place of half a dozen vintage keyboards onstage. I was especially impressed by the well-thought-out versatility of the ribbon controller, which may be reason enough to prefer the keyboard model over the module. "
Future Music Magazine - October 2010 :
"This is a fantastic and rewarding instrument with a sound that is unrivalled in the emulation stakes."
music - September 2010 :
"Superb analogue synth emulation. Large ribbon controller. Seemingly limitless modular combinations."
Sound On Sound - June 2009 :
"The Origin is a unique instrument, combining modular virtual analogue synthesis derived from imitative soft synths with modern features such as splits, layers and truly multitimbral effects. It sounds excellent and, if you can afford it, you should take a close look, because there's nothing else that does quite the same thing."
Keyboard Magazine - June 2009 :
"The Synth Freak's Dream Realizer.
Monstrously huge sound. Lots of knobs. Interactive step sequencer. Highly patchable, quite like a modular synth. Four-part multitimbral with aux outs. Numerous modules emulate vintage synth components."
Electronic Musician - March 2009 :
"Terrific, animated sounds. Generous supply of modules. Powerful modulation capabilities with flexible routing. Brilliant user interface with intuitive controls, navigation, and display. Versatile mixer options.
Writing for EM, I've witnessed many evaluations of products based on whether they are evolutionary or revolutionary. With its innovative coupling of classic synthesis and contemporary musical-instrument technology and design, the Origin manages to satisfy both criteria easily. This is the first hardware synth I've wanted to buy in nearly a decade; need I say more?"
Music Tech Magazine - December 2008 :
"It may have been a long time coming, but Origin is a bold first step into hardware for Arturia. Huge-sounding and accessible but with great depth, this is a tremendous synth. -MusicTech Choice Award-"
Future Music - November 2008 :
"It sounds fantastic and sets a new high in contemporary synth design. Put it on your shopping list."
AudioTechnology Magazine - September 2008 :
"The Origin has an unashamedly large, lush sound and quite unlike what you'd expect from software synths - and rightly so as this isn't a software synth. This is dedicated DSP, designed strictly for the creation of huge analogue-sounding synth patches. All the usual adjectives spring to mind: syrupy, smooth, fat, etc. In short, it sounds quite amazing, with a lot fo the "hybrid" patches screaming "Oberheim" to me. Plus, it really has a very hands-on synthesis engine thrown into the bargain- easy to program and edit, and lots of fun to use. " - October 2008 :
"It's with great pleasure that I can tell you that the Origin sounds amazing and well worth the effort that Arturia has put into programming it. It's everything you would expect and more and should keep you occupied for many years."

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Carre Couleur Analog Experience THE LABORATORY

SoundandGear :
"This is really a must have plugin in my opinion, as it allows you taste all the goodies from Arturia in one go. "
Future Music UK - August 2011 :
"Hybrid solutions of Arturia’s twin product lines makes perfect sense.
As you’d expect with Arturia’s pedigree, the sounds are wonderful.
The keyboard is a worthwhile addition with greatly extended control for both Laboratory and full-plugs too. Without question, this is the most must-have Analog Experience to date." :
"Laboratory is the most ambitious and editable yet of the Analog Experience series. […] It’s a superb package for a DAW owner who would love to add the sounds and realtime control associated with analog synths, as well as a quality keyboard and general-purpose MIDI controller. Overall, Laboratory is an easy, cost-effective way to add the Analog Experience to a recording or live performance setup."
Harmony Central :
"The variety of sounds alone is welcome, but the addition of scenes takes the controller into a whole other dimension altogether, thanks to the splits, layers, melodies, pads, and so on.
This is an exceptional deal for those who love the sound of analog, but don’t feel like buying (and maintaining!) the equivalent in hardware."

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Carre Couleur Analog Experience THE FACTORY - February 2009 :
"Overall, Arturia's Analog Factory Experience is a steal at the street price of $299. Due to the length of our TestDrive, we were able to see the product through several upgrades that addressed most of the shortcomings some of our testers initially encountered. With a wealth of usable, high-quality sounds, a heavy-duty, yet attractive, MIDI controller and now rock solid stability, the AFE can find itself as easily in the studio as on the stage. Highly Recommended."
Tape Op Magazine - Feb/March 2009 :
"To be honest, I was ready to buy just the physical MIDI controller for $300 -it's that nice- and yes, you can use it to control any MIDI software. When you include the perfectly integrated software synth in this package, it's a pretty insane deal. Go download the demo and hear it for yourself, but don't underestimate the importance of hardware/software integration in making this hybrid synth a winner. This design gives me a lot of hope for the possibility of having increasingly soulful connections to modeled analog instruments."
Keyboard Magazine - May 2008 :
"AFE has become what I reach for first when I need great analog synth sounds in a "create a virtual instrument track and hit record" kind of hurry.
While we hate to pull out the cliche, "would be a bargain at twice the price," it really is true here. At $349, AFE is such an outstanding value that it's virtually a poster child for our Key Buy award. -Key Buy award-"
Computer Music - April 2008 :
"This is a solid solution for anyone who wants quality analogue presets and a stunning keyboard. -Computer Music Value for Money & Computer Music Performance Awards- "
Mac Life - October 2008 :
"Arturia has come up with a truly versatile, totally excellent sound machine. If you are looking for a one-stop shop for scrumptious sonic spice, make sure to experience this cool combo. -Editors' Choice Award-"
iDJ - August 2008 :
"Whether you use this as a standalone or as a plug-in, if you've ever dreamed of owing a classic synth you should definitely check this out. The 3500 presets give you an endless choice of sounds, each of which provide instant gratification as soon as you press the keys. If you take your time and learn the simple steps of this package, you won't be disappointed."
Music Tech Magazine - April 2008 :
"A great piece of software with highly usable sounds. Now coupled with a classy, well-constructed piece of hardware, this is truly an awesome package. The whole thing sounds and feels like an instrument from a far higher price bracket. So, if fat, tweakable sounds are your thing, this is well worth a look."
Recording - August 2008 :
"Its attractive price combined with its excellent audio quality and well-constructed controller make this package an excellent option for anyone looking to expand beyond the basics provided with most DAW software. There's a consistency to every decision that went into making this product, and it's a fine example of doing one thing -analog synth emulations- very well."
Harmony Central - July 2008 :
"Analog Factory Experience is a clever product that fills a unique niche - at a lower-than-expected price. Thumbs up."
Remix Magazine - July 2008 :
"Analog Factory Experience is an excellent tool for anyone who may be intimidated by the technicality of computer music, or who wants fast access to a gaggle of nice analog sounds." - July 2008 :
"I am simply blown away... seriously... I've had Analog Factory Experience for some time now and I have not lost a single bit of my enthusiasm for this groundbreaking product. I've carried it everywhere, moved the rotary knobs and the sliders more than most people would do in 3 years and they feel as good as the day that I opened the box." - March 2008 :
"The convenience of software with hardware control. Seven great-sounding synths. The keyboard looks and feels great."
Future Music - March 2008 :
"The Analog Factory Experience is a superb synthesizer in its own right. It has almost all of the sonic character of an analogue synth, and with a price tag of 230 GBP (software and MIDI controller), it's a sound investment (pun intended). An ideal product for anyone who's more interested in playing than designing their own patches. -Future Music Value Award-"
EQ Magazine - November 2008 :
"Great variety of sounds with lots of presets. Tweakability is welcome. Sturdy, well-made keyboard controller. Fast and fun."
Sound On Sound - July 2008 :
"An easy to use, yet hugely powerful synth library complete with desirable and well-integrated custom keyboard controller."

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Carre Couleur Analog Experience THE PLAYER - November 2010 :
Future Music - November 2010 :
"If you've been admiring the soft synths in Arturia's range but lack the funds to get onboard, there's no doubt that the Analog Player provides a cost-effective way to get your hands on 1,000 hand-picked Arturia sounds, which are warm and impressively faithful to the sound of the synths they emulate."
Harmony Central - September 2010 :
"Overall, I'm very impressed by what Arturia is able to deliver at this price point: For less than the cost of many virtual analog plug-ins alone, you get the controller and a bunch of useful sounds. I've always been fond of their virtual instruments; the Player makes that "analog experience" available to a much wider, and more budget-conscious, audience. -Craig Anderton-"

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Carre Couleur Oberheim SEM V

Sound On Sound :
"[The Oberheim SEM V] will be an excellent complement to other synths and soft synths - beautifully simple to use in the first instance, while offering greater depth when you're ready to take advantage of it. Oh yes, and then there's that sound !"
Keyboard :
"I'm impressed by how well SEM V captures the sound of Oberheim hardware, and its extended features make it more flexible than its namesake [...] SEM V is one of the most genuinely analog-sounding soft synths yet. If you love the sound of vintage synths, SEM V should be a part of your virtual rig."
Music Tech :
"The SEM V is a gorgeous-sounding synth and, crucially, like the original it’s fairly easy to get to grips with. You don’t have to be a synth wizard to tweak and design sounds, and it’s a lot of fun when you play around […] The new features – arpegiattor, sub-oscillator and three modules - extend the functionality of the instrument even further, and will surely help you get more out of what is already an excellent synth."
Future Music :
"As a straight emulation of the classic SEM sound, the SEM V ticks all the boxes, but the software has so much more to offer when you explore it in greater depth : small but effective additions to the SEM design, advanced voice editing features and, of course, an excellent polyphonic mode. The range of sounds available is much greater than the SEM name might suggest, covering classic Oberheim ground and much more, and this makes the SEM V a great synth in its own right."
Future Music :
"An awesome synth which takes the Oberheim classic and expand it into a versatile all-rounder"

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Carre Couleur Spark VDM

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Carre Couleur Wurlitzer V

Keyboard :
"Gargantuan selection of classic
and modern Wurlitzer sounds. Huge
array of effects and tone-shaping controls." :
"Compared to any other Wurli emulation out there, this is the most flexible and usable of them all.
Wurlitzer V from Arturia is an inspiring, gritty, and fully realized Wurlitzer Model 200A inside your computer. If you can rock the Wurli it’s completely worth the asking price."

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Carre Couleur Jupiter-8V

Tape Op Magazine - Sept/October 2008 :
"Arturia Jupiter-8V sounds fantastically 3D with the beautiful, rich low end and the famously buzzy quality expected of older Roland oscillators. The filters stay rich and sweet as they close down, my gold standard for how any synth sounds. I found Jupiter easy to blend with acoustic instruments in a way that never felt like I was "flattening" the mix."
EQ Magazine - November 2007 :
"Arturia has done the original Jupiter-8 justice. Not only has the company captured the original instrument's essence and character, but have upped the ante by adding new and creative touches that expand the reach of its sound.
As far as I'm concerned, this is not only the strongest analog emulation on the market, but is quite possibly the best soft synth I have yet encountered. Once hooked up with a good control surface, this could be the only virtual analog you'll ever need - and it will definitely be my go-to instrument of choice in the future." - August 2007 :
"All in all, Arturia's Jupiter-8V is an excellent recreation of the famed Roland '80s synth with several intelligent sound sculpting accoutrements added for taking the original sound into new wonderful directions." - July 2007 :
"This softsynth is a total TEN STARS! The name Jupiter 8 is definitely within my galaxy of "Vintage Synths" but Arturia has completely knocked this synth eons into the future and brought the Jupiter 8, perhaps the greatest analog synth of all time, from 1981 to 2007 and beyond with the incredible add-ons. With their careful, meticulous attention for preserving the true nuances of this synth and then by adding visionary and complementary modules to the Jupiter-8V; I truly believe that this softsynth should be in everyone's collection for one simple reason... TO CREATE! That's what the Jupiter 8 was all about and Arturia has given us an instrument that can produce more new sounds than most of us have heard in a long time. Trust me. Go Out and Buy The Jupiter-8V! You will not be sorry!"
Rec'N'Play - June 2007 :
"An instrument with a great sound, very expressive, easy to use, beautiful to see, with a lot of new features and an inspirational charm, a very low CPU load - unlike many other VSTi - and it's also not expensive... so what are you waiting for?"
Music Tech Magazine - June 2007 :
"The Jupiter-8V is a worthy addition to the Arturia family. It sounds superb, is easy to customise and a joy to play. - MusicTech Excellence Award -"
Music Tech Magazine - June 2007 :
"The Jupiter-8V maintains the standard we have come to expect from Arturia. it's a beautifully warm and expressive synth that's equally at home in pop tunes or experimental sound design. The overhaul of the presets management system and the addition of the user-friendly sequencer and effects make the instrument immediately accessible to beginners as well as experienced users, which hasn't always been the case with these complex synths."
Future Music - July 2007 :
"This synth sounds wonderful, with the majestic warmth of Roland's original Jupiter present in every sound. My hat comes off, my bow is deep, my thanks to Arturia are heartfelt."
Remix Magazine - July 2007 :
"Arturia has produced a natural maturation of the classic. The synthesis is a superb match, and the new features feel right and elegantly provide what users originally had to concoct outboard workarounds for."
Remix Magazine - July 2007 :
"Jupiter-8V is a must have for all lovers of the Roland "J-sound" and definitely worthy of consideration for those looking for a contemporary-sounding analog companion to today's sampler hybrids."
Computer Music - June 2007 :
"What we have here is a big synth with a big sound and a big appetite. Rest assured, though, that the Jupiter-8V is well worth the processing power - this is arguably Arturia's best effort yet. -Computer Music Performance Award-"
Keyboard US - June 2007 :
"After a solid month of living with the Jupiter-8V, I can honestly say that it's my favorite Arturia virtualization so far, perhaps even my favorite analog soft synth ever. -Key Buy Award-"

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Carre Couleur Analog Factory

Music Tech Magazine - March 2008 :
"An outstanding collection of Arturia's best sounds wrapped in a slick and exceptionally user-friendly instrument. -MusicTech Excellence & MusicTech Choice Awards-"
Future Music - July 2007 :
"This synth sounds wonderful, with the majestic warmth of Roland’s original Jupiter present in every sound. My hat comes off, my bow is deep, my thanks to Arturia are heartfelt."
Mac Life - February 2007 :
"Analog Factory delivers impressive, archaic analog tones with aplomb. Mac Life Editors'Choice Award."
Sound On Sound - January 2007 :
"In whatever context Analog Factory is used, it sounds very good indeed and represents an excellent way of gaining access to a lot of classic analogue sounds for a very modest outlay."
XLR8R - November 2006 :
"Cleverly, the presets are grouped not only by instrument, characteristics, and type, but also by CPU usage, allowing for swift, intelligent choices in (for example) a laptop-type scenario. Much like a "best-of" compilation from a band, Analog Factory saves you the digging and dollars, and allows for instant gratification."
Keyboard Player - December 2006 :
"The Analog Factory sounds are excellent, concentrating on what each synth does best: the MiniMoog for cutting lead and squelchy bass lines, the Moog Modular for strong multi-oscillator noises, the ARP2600 V for weird effects, the Yamaha CS80 for swirly ensembles, and so on.
Even taking this simplification of each synth emulation into account, Analog Factory represents a new record for value. It's hard to beat the concept of providing some of the best virtual analogue sounds marketed over the last couple of years in a compact, affordable package. Quick accessibility of sounds using the Favourites list makes this a powerful tool in the studio or, if you're brave enough to take out a laptop, on stage."
Play - September 2006 :
"Arturia Analog Factory is perfect for anyone who likes vintage synth sounds, and likes to load up a good sound quickly and easily, with a fair bit of control to edit the parameters. The sounds are powerful and ready to use. Arturia have made it easy, all you need to do is sit down and make some music!"
Knowledge Magazine - September 2006 :
"Ultimately, Analog Factory is useful for anyone who wants an extremely easy-to-use but phat-sounding synthesizer."
Create Digital Music - August 2006 :
"Analog Factory is a fantastic bargain for the computer musician who doesn't require all the bells and whistles of the full emulations and may even inspire a new way of working for the gear obsessed among us (raise your hands). DJs and live performers will find Analog Factory's low overhead, streamlined operation, and performance-oriented features to be a fine companion for their laptop. Analog compulsives will be better served by the individual emulations with their sometimes-idiosyncratic interfaces. For everyone else, Analog Factory cuts the crap and delivers what truly made these instruments great, the killer sounds."
The Technofile - August 2006 :
"So whether you're an electronic musician/producer/DJ or you just need access to some vintage sounds once in a while, Analog Factory is an absolute must have... and if you're producing Drum'n'Bass, that goes double time! But don't take my word for it... Laurent Garnier and Paul Hartnoll from Orbital are official endorsees... and Klaus Schulze is one of the sound designers... what more do you need to know?..."
Music Tech Magazine - August 2006 :
"An innovative new approach to synthesis, using the advantages of virtual instruments to provide less technically inclined musicians with access to their favourite sounds." - August 2006 :
Computer Music - July 2006 :
"Over the past three years, Arturia have been responsible for developing some of the best hardware synth emulations money can buy. Their latest release -Analog Factory- will inevitably be perceived as a 'greatest hits' package, as it features the best of their sounds in an accessible, user-friendly and configurable interface."

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Carre Couleur Prophet V

Keyboard Magazine - July 2006 :
"With the Prophet-V, Arturia's product line breaks new ground by taking classic sounds yet pushing them further than mere emulations. The sound is both familiar and new, criss-crossing the boundaries between analog warmth and digital sparkle. Exploiting the Arturia Prophet-V to the fullest is a challenge, but one well worth undertaking."
XLR8R - August 2006 :
"Arturia has done a frighteningly good job of capturing the beloved gritty characteristics of this American-made classic. Being the first polyphonic analog synth, the Prophet 5's sound was all over records from '80s artists like Talking Heads, INXS, and Gary Numan, and as such, the presets do well to cover the sounds used in those days. However, Arturia includes emulation of the Prophet VS and a hybrid mode, meaning this synth goes far beyond churning out throwback fare. Certainly a great all-around plug-in that especially excels with leads and percussive sounds."
Electronic Musician - December 2006 :
"Overall, Arturia Prophet V replicates the sound and feel of the Prophet 5 very well, while adding a number of features that modern synth users will want. With the inclusion of the VS model and Hybrid mode, Prophet V offers plenty of bang for your buck."
Future Music US - January 2007 :
"A savvy software recreation of Sequential Circuits' groundbreaking Prophet 5, and the equally influential wavetable synth Prophet VS, Arturia's V is literally two synths in one, a mightily flexible instrument that takes both software instrument design and sonics to new levels. The must-have soft synth of 2006. - Future Music Ace Awards 2007 - "
Sound On Sound - September 2006 :
"There have already been numerous soft synths purporting to emulate the Prophet 5, and I have not been impressed by any of them. Arturia have created something closer to the original than any of these, and I am confident that Prophet V will continue to improve. Furthermore, by creating this strange marriage of the Prophet 5 with one of my all-time favourite synthesizers, the Prophet VS, the company have shown the imagination needed to take their offering way beyond those of their competition." - July 2006 :
Remix - July 2006 :
"Prophet V is easy to load and learn, it sounds excellent and looks stunning, it is relatively CPU friendly and it carries a sweet price tag (especially versus the hardware). If you want to go deep into the heart of both traditional analog and vector synthesis without going deep into your pocket, look directly at Prophet V."
Music Mart Magazine - June 2006 :
"Prophet V is a worthy addition to the roster of Arturia soft synths. It autentically imitates the originals while going beyond their limitations with up to 32 voice polyphony, decent chorus/delay effects and the endless potential of hybridising Prophet 5 and Prophet VS sounds."
Music Tech Magazine - June 2006 :
"Another Arturia triumph. The Prophet V is a beautifully re-created, amazing sounding and very flexible instrument. - MusicTech Excellence Award -"
Create Digital Music - May 2006 :
"Prophet V belongs to a new generation of virtual instruments that take full advantage of today's processing prowess to deliver a sound that even the most synth obsessed would be hard-pressed to tell from the originals. While I remain a fan of analog hardware, this is one soft synth that will definitely be finding its way onto my own tracks."
Futuremusic.Inc - March 2006 :
"France's Arturia continues it's string of hits with the Prophet V. With Arturia's devotion to quality, excellent user interfaces and bringing this all to the musician at an extremely low cost, other virtual synth makers are now all looking up at the new high water mark."

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Carre Couleur Brass

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Carre Couleur ARP2600 V

Remix - May 2005 :
"I'll just summarize by saying that for both novices and experienced users alike, Arturia's revamping of ARP's classic synth looks and sounds incredible; it is stable and efficient; and it shouldn't get boring for a very long time - if ever."
Future Music - June 2005 :
"France's Arturia earned acclaim for its emulations of the Minimoog, Moog Modular and yamha CS-80, si it's not surprise their 2600 V is stunning as well. [...] The 2600 V is a great place to begin your adventure in synthesis, or, for the initiated, it's a refreshing return to classic tones and modular programming."
Remix - January 2006 :
"Arturia's software version of the famed 2600 is exactly what one should expect out of an emulation piece: It has both the coveted sound of the original and the modern extras that users don't want to live without."
Music Tech Magazine - March 2005 :
"The system requirements are moderate by current standards and the results you get from the 2600 V are fantastic. Somehow it just sounds more authentic, more instantly gratifying than many other virtual synths. Given the scarcity of the real thing, this is as close as most of us will ever need to get to owning a real ARP2600."
Sound On Sound - June 2005 :
"Arturia's 2600 V is the company's best software synth to date. It's powerful, it's flexible, and the bugs are few and far between. While it does not sound precisely like an ARP 2600, it offers much more than the original. Given the cost of buying a vintage ARP 2600 and 1601 Sequencer, 2600 V has to be worth serious consideration."
Music Connection - April 2005 :
"A few obvious advantages of the 2600 V over the original hardware unit cannot be overstated.[...] For us it has become an immediate favourite -- a very worthy addition to anyone's virtual synth collection. "
Grooves Magazine - April 2005 :
"So how closely does the 2600 V reproduce the flavour of the original? [...] So while I can't attest to how truly authentic at waveform level Arturia's True Analog Emulation methodology is, I can definitely say that the 2600 V does seem to very successfully capture much of that specific Arp "flavour" in terms of oscillator and filter "punchiness [...] If you're fairly synth-savvy, or if you already know your way around the original Arp 2600, then with its flexible semi-modular approach as well a new extended modulation routings, the 2600 is recommended for a wide array of classic analog sounds both as an instrument and as source of wild sound effects."
Keyboard - March 2005 :
"Thanks to the Arturia 2600 V and Way our Ware TimewARP2600 virtual synths, not only is the 2600 sound available again in an inexpensive and easy-to-find package, but the Arturia version features a recreation of the 1601 sequencer. [...] As an ARP 2600 reproduction, Arturia's 2600 V comes tantalizingly close. [...] as a modular synth with a built-in analog sequencer, the 2600 V positively rocks! It's got that definitive Arturian warmth with oodles of modulation options and is perfect complement to a rig that already has a few more traditional virtual synths. "
XLR8R - May 2005 :
"The ARP 2600 sounds awesome -even if you don't explore outside of the presets. It does tax your processor though, and quite heavily if you've got an ancient computer (two years or older). While the ARP 2600 may be a retro concept, Arturia's emulation sounds as futuristic as the original did when it came out. "
Computer Music - January 2005 :
"At a glance at the back of any Arturia box reveals that these developers are serious. The stellar line-up of electronic musicians whose photos appear on the cartons is like a synthesist hall of fame, and they're not just there to endorse the instruments - they're also responsible for the presets. [...] Some of the best patches come from Arturia themselves. Not for the first time, Jean-Michel Blanchet proves himself to be one of the best programmers in the business with his tumbling sequences, blistering leads and smooth pads. [...] if you've ever coveted the original ARP 2600, picking this up is a no-brain. If you've never heard of the original, you still might find the 2600 V to be an excellent way to ease into modular synthesis. It's another winner from Arturia."
Mac Format - April 2005 :
"Arturia turns a classic synthesizer into a superb piece of software [...] This is a great product that will appeal to fans of the original ARP 2600. Beginners, however, may well find it a little bit confusing, but persevere! ARP2600 V sounds authentic and can accurately recall complex sound patches. A major achievement. "

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Carre Couleur Minimoog V

Future Music UK - January 2010 :
"A fantastic new update to a classic soft-synth that enables bags more creativity."
Sound On Sound - July 2005 :
"It sounds and responds like the hardware original. In fact, it's now a remarkable imitation that I would happily use and be confident that you would never realise that it was not the 'real thing'. - Gordon Reid"
Computer Music - Spring 2004 :
"The Minimoog is one of the most desirable and sought-after classic synths [...] the minimoog V largely impressed us. It sounds great (if not quite Moog-great), has an excellent sound library and, once you learn what the badly-labelled knobs on the portly interface do, is easy and satisfying to program."
Remix - US - July 2004 :
"For anyone wanting the elusive Minimoog sound from a software synth, look no further [...] Arturia Minimoog V delivers the sonic weight and complexity of its namesake, without the hassles of a vintage instrument. "
Music Tech Magazine - UK - May 2004 :
"The Minimoog was one of the easiest synths to program - undoubtedly contributing to its popularity - and Arturia's version is no less approachable."
Macuser - UK - June 2004 :
"Managing to perfectly capture the charm and unique sound of the original hardware, the Minimoog V can be used either as a plug-in or in a standalone mode [...] The Minimoog V is one of the most exciting and enjoyable vintage synth emulations ever to be released."
Mac Format - UK - June 2004 :
"A stunningly realistic recreation of the legendary Minimoog synth. Every electronic musician should have one!"
Grooves Magazine - US - July 2004 :
"When it comes to copping "that" sound, the Minimoog V does not disappoint, and it then builds on that solid foundation with some new twists to the original Minimoog that most of us could only dream about years ago. [...] If you really enjoy twisting the knobs and getting your virtual hands "dirty", I very highly recommend the Minimoog V. You at least owe it to yourself to download the demo version and see if you get those same chills up your spine that I got when I first got my hands on it. If you crave that classic Moog sound, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Har"
Future Music - UK - August 2004 :
"It's undeniable that the V is the best basic Minimoog emulator ever"
Music Tech Magazine - UK - March 2004 - :
"Fully endorsed by Moog Music, The Minimoog V is a faithful recreation of the original, though it adds polyphony, MIDI management, preset handling, a modulation matrix, an LFO, an arpeggiator, a chorus and a delay - all thanks to the power of modern technology, of course."
Future Music - UK - March 2004 :
"If some synths are destined to stay with us forever then probably the daddy of them all is the Minimoog"
Electronic Musician - US - August 2004 :
"Arturia, a company that made a name for itself with Moog Modular V and CS-80V, is the first company to produce an accurately detailed Minimoog emulation that runs native, without the need for additional hardware."

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Carre Couleur CS-80V

Computer Music - December 2003 :
"With their much-hyped TAE (True Analogue Emulation), Arturia have tackled the challenge of emulative analogue synthesis, and succeeded in a way that has rarely been matched. "
Future Music - July 2007 :
"A perfectly emulated ultra-rare synth that -quite simply- sounds different. There's a place for its smooth strings in every track."
Remix - April 2004 :
"In terms of sound quality, the CS-80V is absolutely divine. It's a first-rate-analog-style synthesizer with a wealth of detuning and modulation possibilities that allow you to cook up truly retro sounds-if that's what you're looking for. On the other hand, thanks to the sequencer, stereo delay and multitimbral aspects of the instrument, the CS-80V can sound as up-to-date as your programming chops will allow. The filters have plenty of bite - so much so that you have to watch for clipping. And I particularly like the implementation of the ring modulator, suboscillator and Touch Response features, which enable you to add weird little subtleties to a sound."
Music Tech Magazine - January 2004 :
"Aesthetics and programming considerations aside, there's no doubt that the CS-80V captures the classic analogue sound of the original instrument. The additional features Arturia has added stands the virtual instrument well above the original hardware version. Arturia has taken all the good bits, enhanced them, and created a classy, high-quality synth with great appeal to those with an interest in analogue synthesizers."
Future Music - February 2004 :
"So just how close has Arturia got to emulating such a classic monster? I think they've done a superb job with just the right balance between faithful re-creation and modern elaboration. [...] The CS-80V is a phenomenal machine, and well worth the asking p"
Keyboard - January 2004 :
"The CS-80V is a killer soft synth. It's been over 25 years since the CS-80's introduction, and it remains a sought-after powerhouse to this day. Considering that there were only 2,000 or so produced, and quite a few of those still in service suffer from t"
MacFormat - February 2004 :
"Overall, the CS-80V is a wonderful sounding synth, capable of producing warm analogue sounds, from fat basses and leads to complex, organic sounding textures that would be ideal for atmospheric film music. It costs a fraction of Yamaha's original, has ins"

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Carre Couleur Moog Modular V

Recording - February 2004 :
"The Moog Modular V software is an absolute bargain piece of software, especially in light of the ultra-high prices of the real hardware [...]. Its great audio quality, flexible patching and interesting performance options are bringing a new level to audio"
Electronic Musician - January 2004 :
"Endorsed by Bob Moog himself, Moog Modular V probably comes as close as any software to re-creating complex analog synthesizer hardware, and it does it on a large scale. It runs standalone or as a plug-in for a variety of formats. We applaud Arturia's sig"
Sound On Sound - August 2006 :
"With the audio quality from soft synths such as Arturia's Moog Modular V being so good, is there any longer a need to worry about replacing hardware with software?"
Remix - July 2003 :
"The Moog Modular V is a powerhouse that models the old hardware to a tee, producing rich and beautiful tones that compare favorably to a real Moog system. If you're looking for a top-quality software synth that really does sound like the analog hardware it claims to emulate, look no further than Arturia's Moog Modular V. This powerful tool is good enough for Bob Moog, and I'll wager it's good enough for you, too."
Music Tech Magazine - May 2003 :
"The Moog Modular V offers the sounds and programmability of the original, plus the powerful extras of modern technology such as MIDI, presets and polyphony. Outstanding!"
Computer Music - April 2003 :
"This is truly a no-compromise Moog, no ifs, ands or buts. It's also an absolutely rock solid application. All of our little complaints aside, the boys at Arturia have achieved a milestone here. This simply doesn't sound like software - and that's the bigg" - March 2003 :
"For people that are happy living in the software world, I'll suggest that nothing currently on the market will provide the deep sound and unique interface of the Modular V. This software combines the organic feel of a real modular with a ground-breaking"
MacFormat - July 2003 :
"The Arturia Moog Modular V ist the most authentic analog synth emulation we have ever heard. It looks and sounds just like the real thing. [Editor's Choice]" - June 2003 :
"The Moog Modular V is one of the closest analogue emulations to date. It is an amazing product that I think will only get better as newer software patches become available." - April 2003 :
"Arturia has done it right. Theyíve teamed up with Bob Moog, researched how to best emulate the sometimes quirky nature of analogue circuits via TAE, and had talented artists and sound designers create some great patches to illustrate the depth that this s"
Sound On Sound - July 2003 :
"A software recreation of the famous Moog Modular systems, MMV has an authentic tone, a nice user interface and really brings out your creativity. [...] this is a very well-behaved piece of software that is also enormous fun."
Future Music - June 2003 :
"Arturia bring an unobtainable synth to the masses. It's powerful, easy to use and totally addictive. (Platinum Award)"
Raveline - October 2003 :
"Der Moog Modular V klingt edel, warm und druckvoll wie kaum ein anderer derzeit erhältlicher Software-Synthesizer auf dem Markt."
MacAddict - August 2003 :
"One of the most daunting monsters of analog synthesizers, the venerable Moog Modular, has been brought to glorious life in Arturia Software's stunning Modular V. Not only is this one of the best-sounding software emulations of a specific piece of hardware"

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Carre Couleur Storm