Hardware only products such as BeatStep


Hardware Synth

Origin is the first hardware synth of Arturia. Origin gives you the sound and control of the greatest analog and digital synthesizers ever made in an easy to use instrument.


Hybrid Synth

The immediacy of a hardware synthesizer combined with the flexibility of a software based solution.


Analog Classics

Software recreations of the synthesizers that have been, for the last 40 years, at the center of music production. All of them stay true to the original while bringing additional features.






Combining the power of analog synthesis, physical modelling and samples, through the intuitive workflow of a hardware drum machine, Spark is a highly creative beat production center.





Acoustic Instrument

By using advanced Physical Modeling techniques, we are bringing to you BRASS, an instrument allowing to play the trumpet, the saxophone and the trombone with outstanding realism.


Single Box

THE ONE contains installers and user manuals for all Arturia software instruments titles on a single DVD.
An activation code is also included allowing you to select any of these instruments. .