Analog Laboratory under the hood

Analog Experience THE LABORATORY 61 is a high quality MIDI controller and a unique hybrid synthesizer. As a premium quality MIDI controller, Analog Experience THE LABORATORY 61 is the ideal choice for the modern musician looking to control software and hardware instruments.

As a unique hybrid synthesizer, Analog Experience THE LABORATORY 61 offers the immediacy of a hardware synthesizer combined with the flexibility of a software based solution.

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Professional grade USB MIDI Controller

THE LABORATORY 61 is entirely preassigned to work with the Analog laboratory software, enabling you to take an immediate and in-depth control over your sound. But it also acts as a Universal MIDI controller, compatible with any third party software and hardware.

Pass your mouse over the different zones of the keyboard to discover its functionalities:

Hardware overview

Assignation to any software or hardware can be done easily using the LED screen or the exclusive MIDI Control Center (see bellow).


THE LABORATORY 61 offers complete connectivity on its rear panel : Midi in & out, USB, Sustain pedal, Expression pedal, Aux pedal, Breath controller inputs.


Midi Control Center

The exclusive MIDI control center makes MIDI assignation to any third party software or hardware device a blast.

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Analog Laboratory Software

Analog Laboratory is an extremely powerful software synthesizer solution.

First of all, Analog Laboratory offers 4300 legendary classic synthesizer sounds from Arturia’s vintage analog recreations: Mini V, Prophet V, CS-80, Jupiter-8, ARP, Prophet V, Modular V.

But Analog Laboratory goes further by offering a unique interface to tweak them all as well as the ability to edit each of them in depth, in the original synthesizer*.

Finally, Analog Laboratory also brings Scenes, organized by musical genres. Scenes are a preset configuration of two sounds over your keyboard, plus advanced arpeggiation toward one of these sounds and assignement of loops to the drum pads.


Easy filtering
The sound mode and its easy filtering options allow you to search presets according to your sonic inspiration. You can be sure to always get the right sound at the right time :

Full screen Preset Editing
Analog Laboratory enables you to open any other Arturia Classic Synth plugin for in-depth edition in a separate window*. When you are done with tweaking the sound to your liking, you can save your own preset inside Analog Laboratory.

*Requires the relevant Arturia synthesizer plugins to be installed on your hard drive.

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The 'Scene' Mode will introduce you to a new realm of performance capabilities :

  • Combine 2 synthesizer sounds over your MIDI keyboard in either split, layer or multi configuration.
  • Assign melodic phrases based on advanced arpeggiation thanks to the library of 275 melodies organized by genres.
  • Trigger Drum loops from the pads thanks to a library of 330 premium Rex files by ThaLoops ThaLoops

This inspiring and powerful mode is further explained in the diagrams below :

Click on the other views to display more features :

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All presets in Analog Factory have been carefully selected from the Arturia Classic Synths : mini V, Modular V, CS-80 V, ARP2600 V, Jupiter-8V, Prophet 5,Prophet VS, Oberheim SEMV and Wurlitzer V. These TAE® powered sounds offer unparalleled audio quality.

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