Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 is arguably the most powerful and creative drum solution available today.

It takes the best elements from analog drum machines, sample based beat boxes and cutting edge physical modeling; all of this is rolled into one easy to use, elegant package.

Spark2 guided tour

When designing Spark 2 a simple, intuitive workflow was one of the highest priorities. The brand new user interface builds on the best parts of the previous GUI and improves the overall experience by providing a simplified, more elegant solution. We have laid out and organised the new interface to make it as user friendly as possible by placing all the major features at the users fingertips.

The new tabbed layout drastically reduces scrolling and provides the user with faster access to all the features contained in Spark 2.
Spark2 guided tour

Spark 2 includes an extremely powerful audio engine which contains multiple synthesis modes. The included sample engine provides advanced sample playback capabilities in an easy to use package.

Spark 2 also includes multiple physical models, which were developed with great care, to deliver the best in acoustic drum sounds.

At the heart of Spark 2 is a truly modular virtual analog drum synth, based on the one developed for our flagship synthesizer, Origin.
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