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Spark EDM offers a powerful interface to easily make your own beats and bass patterns.

Spark guided tour

Shuffley and jacking drums with low sub-bass give this kit a classic house vibe

Audio examples:

Spark guided tour

Low and rumbly, this kit resembles the chugging style of Claude Von Stokes Dirtybird label.

Audio examples:

Spark guided tour

Driving electro stabs and fx make this kit perfect for sculpting your next electro or dubstep monster.

Audio examples:

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Division cadre

Not just a collection of sound and pattern presets

Each one of SPARK EDM’s 480 instruments comes with 12 parameters allowing you to sculpt your own sound. Punch up a kick with a filter, adjust the attack or decay time of a synth hit, re-pitch a tom. The 32 patterns that come with each Project can be used on their own, erased or used as a foundation to modify and build your own grooves. The possibilities are endless !

Professional mix :
Thanks to the integrated 16-track mixer, you can automate levels, pans, sends and fine-tune your mix with 14 high quality effects.

Perfect for Live performance :
Create breaks like no other drum machine can thanks to real-time slicing and filtering on the XY pad, combined with advanced looping modes.

Seamless integration :
Spark EDM integrates seamlessly with any DAW as a plug-in (RTAS, AU, VST3) and also features MIDI assignments on all its key knobs and pads, making it compatible with your favorite MIDI controllers, whether they are keyboards or drum pads.

Easy Export :
Spark includes a feature to export your patterns in .wav and MIDI directly in your DAW. Simply drag and drop any pattern from your current kit and it will be automatically rendered in the format of your choice. This is great when you are working with loops in Ableton Live and want to quickly use an idea in the context of a full production.

Easy MIDI Assign :
Spark EDM is playable through your favorite MIDI Controller (pads, keyboards) thanks to a simple and intuitive assignation interface.