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Spark EDM offers a powerful interface to easily make your own beats and bass patterns.

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Shuffley and jacking drums with low sub-bass give this kit a classic house vibe

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Spark guided tour

Low and rumbly, this kit resembles the chugging style of Claude Von Stokes Dirtybird label.

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Spark guided tour

Driving electro stabs and fx make this kit perfect for sculpting your next electro or dubstep monster.

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Not just a collection of sound and pattern presets

Each one of SPARK EDM’s 480 instruments comes with 12 parameters allowing you to sculpt your own sound. Punch up a kick with a filter, adjust the attack or decay time of a synth hit, re-pitch a tom. The 32 patterns that come with each Project can be used on their own, erased or used as a foundation to modify and build your own grooves. The possibilities are endless!