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Carre Couleur Analog Factory Demo

System Size Version
windows 28.7 Mo 2.2.1
Mac 113 Mo 2.2.1

Minimum required configuration:

  • PC/Windows: XP/Vista/Seven , 1 GB, 2 GHz CPU
  • Mac OS X (Intel only) : version 10.5 or higher, 1 GB, 2 GHz CPU
  • Free 15-Day Trial. No function limitation.

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Carre Couleur Analog Factory Update

File Name Size Version
Mac Analog Factory 2.5.1 161.3 Mo 2.5.1
Windows Analog Factory 2.5.1 86.8 Mo 2.5.1
Mac Analog Factory 2.5 170 Mo 2.5
Windows Analog Factory 2.5 83.8 Mo 2.5
Mac Analog Factory 2.2.1 156 Mo 2.2.1
Windows Analog Factory 2.2.1 53.1 Mo 2.2.1

New Features:
  • Better management of the key parameters: 4 LCD’s now displays the parameter controlled by the “Key parameter” knobs.
  • New set of performance parameters: Some new parameters are accessible for each sound, the pitch-bend range, the polyphony number, the polyphony mode(Mono, unison, poly), the size of a step in a sequence, and the MIDI synchronization on the LFO.
  • Modulation Wheel improved support: All sounds now respond to the modulation wheel.
  • Mac Power PC version now compatible with Logic and other Audio Unit hosts

Bug corrections:

  • Version 2.2 address issues when running in Pro Tools on Mac OS X Leopard
  • When using the Analog Factory Experience keyboard with a host (Cubase, ProTools, Logic…) there was a problem when a current preset was changed; the virtual knobs would keep their previous value. This is no longer the case.
  • Audible steps when stepping filters removed
  • Some computers holding a specific video card got a blank window under Leopard. This is no longer the case.
  • Mac OS X: Menu bar has been moved where it should be, at the top of the screen
  • Reported Crash in Logic and Live 6/Live 7 in various circumstances fixed

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Carre Couleur Analog Factory Manual