The Analog Factory v1 application is delivered with a USB key containing your Analog Factory license and authorizes the software to function. To use the software on a different machine, simply install the software on that computer and then plug in the USB key. In this way, you can use this system key to install licenses of other Arturia products, or other products that use Syncrosoft technology, and carry the license from computer to computer as you wish.

In order to function correctly, the USB key driver must be already installed on your system. The installation program for the Syncrosoft License Control Center is available on CD-Rom and will be launched automatically when you install Analog Factory.

You can also download the latest version at this address:

Read more informations about Syncrosoft key registration here.

Important Note:
Your license number, and thus the key on which it is installed, represents the true value of your software. To lose the USB key is to lose the use of the software on which the licenses are installed. Take special care of this USB key.