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I Love You

by Mateo Lupo
A fun example of speech made using the ARP 2600V. This is a great demonstration that shows just how versatile the ARP 2600V can be, and what a wide variety of sounds are hidden inside.
6-8 Sequence

by Arturia
A big three oscillators lead sound with auto pan but without additional effects + hi hat rhythm with the ARP2600 V spring reverb.

by Arturia
A square wave double oscillator bass sound showing all the power of the notch filter. (Listen to the notch frequency parameter sweep)

by Arturia
Three ARP2600 V have been used for this short sequence:
  • the rhythmic patern is played by the preset "Celmar Engel / Sequences / cheap Bossa" (an old analog rythme box like sounds)
  • A simple bass sound (JM.Blanchet/Basses/JMB_Bass_SubOsc) played in sequence with Cubase SX.
  • A warm pad sound based on the "C.Engel/Pads/ CE_RythmPad02", using a resonant low pass filter frequency swept by the MIDI synchronized sample and hold, and a slow sinus wave LFO.
Funky goes

by Arturia
A little groove sample track using 8 ARP2600 V on Sonar 4 All the drums sounds have been programmed with the ARP2600 V (you will find all these separated drums elements on the k.Lamb/Percussives bank)
Do you remember ?

by Arturia
You'll certainly recognize this famous funky jazz bass line which has been originally made on an ARP synthesizer in 1974...
Sound effects

by Arturia
A cheap 70'science fiction sound effects using five ARP2600V sequenced on Sonar 4 The famous Edgard Winter "Frankeinstein" sound has been used in the end of this track.
Talk machine

by Arturia
A robot sound effects using the "JM.Blanchet/EFX/JMB_ Talk_machine" preset.

by Mateo Lupo
Matt LUPO, one of our sound designers, has made a short song with 9 instances of the ARP2600 V...