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When interacting with a physical model, the importance of the control is capital. If the instrument has been emulated within the BRASS software, the way you will play it is certainly a part of the full experience.

We find that the physical interfaces are such an integral part of BRASS that we have devoted a page specifically to them. In this section you'll find out a little more about the Physical Interfaces and the large effect they can have on your musical creation. Remember: physical interfaces are used in BOTH playing modes offered in BRASS: RIFF and LIVE.

Interfaces include:
  • Keyboard, with or without (polyphonic) aftertouch
  • knobs, sliders
  • Foot pedals
  • Joystick
  • Breath Controller or Ribbon

Division cadre


In using the possibilities of control offered by the keyboard (velocity or after touch for example) you are going to be able to get closer to the level of expression of a master instrumentalist on the trumpet, saxophone, or the trombone.

The velocity is the force with which the keys of the keyboard are pushed. Using the easily modifiable connections given in the presets, we can connect the Velocity on the "Attack" parameter and from then on it will be the force with which you push the key that decides the attack of the note.

Midi settings

The aftertouch is a function that certain MIDI keyboards offer. It is the measure of pressure value on the keys over a period of time. In effect, you can decide to push strongly on the keys, then release, then push with a different amount of force, etc. The keyboards that save the variations permit a control really close to BRASS.     

If you were to link the aftertouch to a parameter such as pressure, you could control the pressure sent to the instrument simply by pushing the key.

Division cadre


The MIDI breath controller is offered only in LIVE mode and is an ideal tool for augmenting the realism of playing in BRASS.

Thanks to Breath Control, you can control the intensity of pressure with more precision or, for example, make vibrato effects; thus, you will have mastered the intensity and speed. The breath control is most useful when linked to the attack and the pressure. Parameters such as "pitch" you will usually decide with the keyboard.

Breath Controller    

These are just examples of the physical interfaces used to simplify and enhance your playing experience.