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What Makes BRASS different?

Before BRASS's Riff mode was introduced, composers had mainly two options: work with a sampler or select in a loop library. With a sampler, musicians can easily perform the recorded sound of each instrument on their keyboard. Unfortunately, this simplicity often has a price: a certain lack of expression, flexibility and instrument control. Once the performance is captured within the individual sample, it's difficult to modify the performance into something resembling a live player. Also, the research to find the right sample can be long, tiresome, and often does not match the productivity criteria set by the music industry today.

The second method, the loop library, is a database of small, previously recorded musical phrases guaranteeing an expression and interpretation closer to reality. Unfortunately, the downside of the loop is that we cannot modify the content, articulations, tone, or the mood; this strongly limits the musical usefulness of the recorded phrase.

BRASS offers another option that truly allows YOU to be the creator of your music. We've given you the samples on this page to show you how much of a difference BRASS truly can make in comparison to the classic methods of software composition. BRASS allows you to go much farther than ever before.

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