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Carre Couleur Brass Demo

Minimum required configuration:

  • PC/Windows: 2000/XP, 512 MB, 1.5 GHz CPU
  • Mac OS X: version 10.3.9 or higher, 512 MB, 1.5 GHz CPU
  • Free 15-Day Trial. No function limitation.

Please click here to download the Brass demo
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Carre Couleur Brass Update

File Name Size Version
Mac Brass 2.0.5 195 Mo 2.0.5
Windows Brass 2.0.5 111 Mo 2.0.5
Windows Brass 2.0 111 Mo 2.0.1
Mac Brass 2.0 150 Mo 2.0.1
Windows Brass 28 Mo 1.1
Mac Brass 31 Mo 1.2.1

Version 2.0.5
Bug Fixes and improvements:

  • MIDI control tab was redesigned in order to show MIDI activity meters for each instrument and a Breath Control gauge;
  • EWI-USB configuration dialog problems were fixed;
  • RTAS graphical bug(screen doubling or ghosting) on Mac OSX was fixed;
  • the saxophone problems encountered in Fruity Loops were fixed;
And other minor bug fixes.

Known limitations:
  • RTAS version on PowerPC Macs isn't recognized by Pro Tools;
  • Delete harmonization button seems to have to be clicked twice in order to operate;
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Carre Couleur Brass Presets

Bank Author Number of presets Samples
Groove Christian Laffitte* 10 -
funky80 Christian Laffitte* 10 -
Idecs Hypergroove Katsunori Ujiie* 100 -

In this area, you can download riff banks to be used with BRASS. These riffs were made by talented sound designers and musicians.
With their help, you are now ready to improve your knowledge and use of BRASS.

  • Access the file by clicking in the Download column on the right. Unless the riff bank is marked as FREE, you will be asked for your BRASS username and password. These have been sent to you by e-mail when you registered your license of BRASS.
  • You will download a zip file (.zip).
    Uncompress it using a tool like Winzip (PC) or Stuffit (Mac).
  • Once uncompressed, import the riff bank file (.bkriff) into BRASS by using the Import icon in the riff mode panel of BRASS and choose Import Riff Bank in the dropdown menu.
  • The new riff bank should appear in the Style list.


In case of trouble while installing a riff bank, please refer to our technical support.

If, once downloaded, the file has a .php extension (notify if you are using Safari, Mozilla or Netscape), change this extension to .zip

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Carre Couleur Brass Manual