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by Bart Garratt
CSolo is a short composition demonstrating the expressive power of the CS-80V when played with polyphonic aftertouch. The piece uses one preset and was performed in real time. Only reverb was added.
Epic Anthem

by Rikke Lind
Soundtrack made of 11 instances of the CS-80 V. No extra effects, except limiter for mastering. Rikke Lind, Sweden
1889 Paris_Exposition

by Fabrizio Massara
Fabrizio Massara (a.k.a. fab) is a keyboardist/composer/producer. He's a member of Baustelle , alternative pop italian band (two albums released, now signed to Warner Music Italy). He makes (real) love with (virtual) synths when the girls fall asleep...
Feierlich und gemessen

by Gustav Mahler
Inspired from the third mouvement of Gustav Mahler's "Titan" symphony, named Feierlich und gemessen ("Solemn and measured"). Mahler himself was clearly inspired by the nursery rhyme Brother John.

by Mateo Lupo
Inspired from the choral piece of Chariots of Fire (Vangelis). This cathedral anthem was originally composed by Sir Hubert Parry (1848-1918) in 1900.

by Mateo Lupo
Adapted from The Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens.
Clear Water

by Clear Water project
Here is a short music clip that Glen made using nothing but the CS-80V. It's not a real song, just an audio scribble of an idea he has. It uses 6 tracks of CS-80V, some EQ and some compression.
CS-80V Medley

by Fin
A quite extensive and various demo piece, showing many ways to play the CS-80V. Pads, strings, some high-register sounds are from the CS-80V. Sequencing and basslines are from the Moog Modular V. Some other percussion and effect plug-ins have been used.

by Matthew Tyas
Made with 6 CS-80V tracks plus a stereo drum track (recorded live). Reverb and compression have been added to the final mix. Courtesy of Matthew Tyas.
Body and Soul

by Jean-Michel Blanchet
A jazz guitar demo made with the CS-80V.The preset used is: JM-Blanchet _Guitars_The-Club. The setting of the LP cutoff from the first synthesis line has been increased a bit to make the sound more brighter.
CS-80V demo by Mitsuru Sakaue

by Mitsuru Sakaue
A CS-80V demo song inspired by Vangelis and Eddie Jobsom. Big thanks to Mitsuru Sakaue.