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Carre Couleur

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Division cadre


Division cadre
Minimoog V

Carre Couleur Mini V Audio clips


by Larry Hopkins
Track made using the Minimoog V and the ARP 2600 V.
5 blips house

by Fabrice Gabriel
11 Minimoog V instances were used in this demo song. Many thanks to the author, Fabrice Gabriel.
Elektro side of the minimoog V

by Jean-Michel Blanchet
12 minimoog V tracks in Cubase SX. No additional samples were used. All the sounds used in this piece are available in a preset bank of the minimoog V plug-in. Many thanks to the author, Jean-Michel Blanchet.

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Division cadre
Moog Modular V

Carre Couleur Modular V Audio clips

Travesia Sagrada 01

by Jose Luis Suazo
Song made with Moog Modular and samples of sounds of the nature park in HONDURAS.

by Ambient Field
Ambient Field aka Patrick Wiklacz, the new Berlin School style, learn more about him at :
Modular Funk

by Jean-Michel Blanchet
A piece of funk music.

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