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Subtractive Synthesis

The iMini generates it sounds using complex analog modeling algorithms. Many synthesizers on the iOS platform use a simple form of audio sample playback to generate their sounds. What does this mean to you? It means that the software behind iMini is designed to have the realism and warmth that a true analog synthesizer has.


The oscillator is the tone generating heart of an analog synthesizer. This is where you can choose the basic tonality of your sound using the different waveforms and choose the root pitch using the octave switches as well as the coarse and fine tuning controls.


The filter is the tone-shaping core of any analog synth. Our accurate modeling of the 24db per octave, ladder style filter is what allows iMini to recapture that warm, classic sound. It has switches for keyboard and the Mod wheel routing as well as its own envelope and contour amount controls.
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