Oliver Chesler (The Horrorist)

Faithful Reproduction

Oberheim's first synthesizer was a single-voice mini-module called SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module). It was a highly regarded synthesizer and the first of its kind. Now Arturia brings back the massive sound and special characteristics of this classic synth in an accurate virtual emulation for your iPad. iSEM offers you a faithful recreation of all the deep basses, razor sharp leads and that unmistakable multimode filter.


Like all components of the iSEM, the two oscillators were recreated by analyzing the properties of the original analog circuits. They replicate the exact sawtooth and variable-width pulse waveforms present in the original. We've added a sub-oscillator and white noise source to allow for deeper basses and an even wider sound pallet.


The 12dB/octave multimode filter is one of the most remarkable modules in the SEM. In many ways, it helped define the sonic identity of Oberheim because it shaped a diverse range of sounds that were impossible to get on other synthesizers of the time. iSEM carefully models the modes of the filter (low-pass, constantly variable through notch and highpass and band-pass) with close attention to detail, meaning that you can either switch to bandpass or sweep through the other three modes by turning the knob clockwise.
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