Jean-Michel Jarre


A Minimoog is a Minimoog. What else can you add to it? That would not deform it, denature it, and take it to a
place it does not belong to.
In version 2, we made the choice to work in fits and starts, adding enough to inject fresh blood and excitement,
while keeping the original DNA. In this version you will find an innovative preset explorer, an exciting new effect
called the Vocal Filter, automation over four parameters and a few other additional improvements.
The Minimoog is a classic; this is why we have brought you a version that keeps the core emotion intact while
fostering the experience to a new level of simplicity and creativity.

Minimoog V2



Sound MAP: Explore hundreds of sounds using our revolutionary Sound MAP. Locate areas you like and pick a sound that will stimulate your creativity. Morph sounds on the MAP by clicking anywhere you like. Add filters to make your search easier, or get back to the traditional list of presets, by sound-designer or by type. Be creative, be funky, be a sound-traveller.

Vocal Filter: Did you ever think of making a Minimoog talk? Well we thought of it and came with a very exciting solution called the Vocal Filter. Sonic results can be spectacular, similar to those sounds from Kubrick movies.


Circuitry improvements: While we built around the core Minimoog structure, we also added a few options in the circuits. The Keyboard Follow can now be deactivated
on VCO2. In addition, we extended the modulation matrix and added a few sources
and destinations. The Pan and Vocal Filter can now be used as destinations. Two random signals based on a Sample&Hold are added as inputs. We also allowed for using the voice number (from the polyphonic range) as a discreet source, which proved very interesting
to control different parameters.


Automation: What if a Minimoog offered automation - not as a control option but as a sound-design tool? Pick up to four parameters and record realtime changes within the preset. This is an entirely new sound palette that will arise, just by the traditional Minimoog scenery.  

Division cadre

PC: 512 MB RAM; 2 Ghz DualCore CPU
Mac: 512 MB RAM; 2 Ghz DualCore CPU
Windows: 2000/XP/VISTA
Mac OS X: 10.4 or higher and Universal Binary