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Travesia Sagrada 01

by Jose Luis Suazo
Song made with Moog Modular and samples of sounds of the nature park in HONDURAS.

by Ambient Field
Ambient Field aka Patrick Wiklacz, the new Berlin School style, learn more about him at :
Modular Funk

by Jean-Michel Blanchet
A piece of funk music.

by Mateo Lupo
Inspired from the choral piece of Chariots of Fire (Vangelis).

by Jean-Michel Blanchet
Yes, you can also make trance music with a modular....

by Arturia
8 Moog Modular V, a slight reverb in Cubase, drum samples, a pinch of Hammond organ, and that's it!
The Soul Song

by Fabrice Gabriel
Made only with Moog Modular V, drums and an electric guitar. I used compression on some parts. Modulations are played in real time with the pitch bend and modulation wheels. You can hear the extreme versatility and power of the Modular.
Fabrice Gabriel's dreams

by Fabrice Gabriel
This song was made with several instances of the Moog Modular V, drums and a shaker. The only added effect is compression to limit extra dynamics, and sometimes eqs in the high frequencies to add some air to the sound.
Dale's Demo

by Dale Ong
A short demo sent by Dale Ong, from the USA, who worked for Bob Moog in the 80's. It was recorded (rendered in Sonar actually) using just 6 tracks, all MMV with no external processing. Courtesy of Dale Ong.
Bach's Invention #8

by Jay Denonville
Bach's Invention #8, arranged and recorded by Jay Denonville. Recorded in ProTools using 8 tracks. Some tracks use half-speed recording for different timbral effects. Most patches are very simple, just using 3 oscillators, 2 envelopes, and a low-pass filt.
Somethin' Going On

by Ryan Richardson
This file was sent to us with this nice comment: "This is Ryan Richardson from ThinkWare. Just wanted to let you know that your Moog product is excellent. The following link contains an mp3 file of a project I am doing with Moog Modular..."
Brandenburg Concerto

by Gil Sicuro
A fragment of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, 1st movement. Only one instance of MMV has been used, rendering track by track of a total of 22 audio tracks. No external EQ, compression or FX were used the sound is right as it comes from the Moog Modular V, which was used as a VST Plug-In on Cubase SX under Mac OS X, in 24-bit@44100 Hz.
MMV demo song by Mitsuru Sakau

by Mitsuru Sakau
A MMV demo song inspired by Isao Tomita, Claus Shulze, and Keith Emerson who is Mitsuru's idol. Many thanks to Mitsuru Sakaue
MMV2.0 Medley

by Jin-Mitch
Jean-Michel gives us a medley song which shows the new features of MMV 2.0; strings, jazz piano solo which uses the Bod Shifter, and a lead using the Ring Modulator with organ chords behind.