Chris Godbey
Division cadre


In the beginning, synthesizers weren’t about presets and using the same sounds as everyone else.  They weren’t even about creating your own sounds, but creating your own original synthesis system.  You could order individual, custom made modules and combine them together in any way you liked to create your own unique synthesizer and re-configure it any time you wanted.

Moog Modular

Origin takes the concept of the Analog modular systems of the past to a new level, using cutting edge digital technology. You combine all the modules you want, - either models taken from classic synthesizers or innovative modules created by Arturia - in order to design new synthesizers that never existed before.


How does it work?

  • All patch connections take place in the Edit page.
  • You have two different views: the rack view, which displays your patch as a rack of modules (just like on hardware modular) and the diagram view, showing all connections at a glance.

    Origin rack viewOrigin Edit view
  • Connecting modules is easy, since only potential destinations and sources are displayed in each menu. Standard connections are set by default to optimize your time.
  • On very complicated patches, you can better see the connections by using connection filters: yellow to see only audio connections, green to see only trig connections, etc.