Steve Jablonsky
Division cadre

General Structure

Origin comes with two types of sound structures:


What is a program?

  Here is a list of the parameters you can set for each program:

  • A synthesis patch, i.e. a set of connections between different modules such as oscillators, filters, envelopes, and so on. By sending the electrical signal of an oscillator into a filter, by setting an envelope on the overall volume, by modulating the frequency of the filter, etc., you will define a unique synthesis structure that will generate a particular sound.
  • Three assignable effects: you can choose up to three effects - such as chorus, reverb or delay, for example - and apply them to the sound coming out of your synthesis patch. You can chose whether you want the effects to be applied in serial or parallel mode
  • Mixer settings: volume and pan for each VCA output (you can have up to 4), the amount/send of each FX applied to the sound, the playing mode (polyphony, legato, portamento, etc.)
  • Galaxy, 2D envelope, Mono LFO 1&2: these are innovative modulation sources brought by Arturia to give a proper life to electronic sounds.
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch allows you to physically control your modulations
  • Arpeggiator and/or sequencer settings: each program can be associated to a sequence pattern and/or to the Origin Arpeggiator. Both the sequence pattern and the Arpeggiator settings are saved into the program info
  • Joystick and encoders assignments: Origin offers many controllers that you can configure the way you want. The joystick can be assigned to many different parameters, either simultaneously or separately via the 3 different joystick assignation modes. The colour knobs located next to the screen can be affected in a glance to a remote parameter. This assignation information is saved in each program.
  • General information: program name, style, instrument, sound designer, etc. can be edited and saved very quickly. This information makes a very handy search tool in the preset browser (2 crossed search keys in the browser)