Steve Jablonsky
Division cadre

Preset Browser

Origin offers a very innovative preset browser. Let’s see how it works.

First thing to remember, there are two types of presets in Origin, the Program presets and the Multi presets.

Program presets

Origin comes with 500 program presets made by a group of talented sound-designers.

You can select program presets using different criteria. For example, you can look for Bass sounds only. Or you can look for sounds made by one specific sound-designer.


Preset browser

You can also use two criteria at the same time: you are looking for Lead Sounds that take very little CPU.

Each preset is presented on the right of the page with detailed information:
  • The name of the preset
  • The name of the sound designer who made it
  • The sequence pattern it will recall if it is using a sequence
  • Etc…

The name of the preset, its nature and number is displayed in the bar at the bottom of the page.

Multi presets

Multis are accessible on the preset page by clicking on the second button on top of the screen. Each Multi is made of up to 4 programs.

Multis can be selected using one criteria: Type, Gig,…