Drew Neumann
Division cadre

How to use my Origin ?  

Origin can be used in different ways :

Origin is one of the most versatile instruments on the market, and can be used in many different ways:
  • You can create your own unique synthesis patch and go extremely deep into triggering signals, setting sources and amounts of modulation for each connection.
  • You can browse through the presets and tweak them using all the available controllers (knobs, joystick…). Loaded with both classic and innovative sounds created by the best sound designers, Origin is very inspiring if you limit yourself to only the use of the presets.

If you are a keyboardist, Origin will become your most powerful sound source when it comes to versatility and processor power.

If you are a producer, you can use Origin in three different ways:
  • as a great sound generator allowing you to create from lush pads to the craziest sound effects imaginable.
  • as a super Groove Box, on which you can switch sequencer patterns on the fly
  • as a powerful effects processor to route any audio input signal. For instance, you can process your guitar sound into the mythic Moog 4P 24 dB filter, modulated by an LFO, and send the signal into a fully adjustable envelope… Possibilities are limitless.