Steve Jablonsky
Division cadre

A template is a special type of program, in which the synthesis patch can’t be modified. This patch reproduces the structure of a classic synthesizer and lets you very easily control every parameter of it via Origin front panel.

That’s how you can turn your Origin into a classic vintage synthesizer. At the moment, only the minimoog template is loaded in the machine, but other acclaimed Arturia recreations such as the Prophet 5, the ARP 2600, the Jupiter 8, etc., will be gradually added in the coming firmware releases.

Minimoog home Minimoog template

The minimoog template looks very much like Arturia minimoog V software synthesizer. Indeed it reproduces Moog Music legendary minimoog, and makes it step in the 21st century by adding features to it, such as polyphony, an extra LFO and a modulation matrix which, among other possibilities, makes the minimoog polyphonic after touch sensitive!

Of course, just like any other program, you can route your minimoog template into the powerful effects section of Origin, trigger it with the step sequencer, or modulate the sound using the Joystick or the Galaxy module…

But Origin offers more and allows you to play on the first multi-timbral minimoog ever. Indeed, a template being a single program, you can open up to 4 minimoogs in Multi mode!