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[ November 2008 ]  Origin shipping


[ December 2008 ] 1st Origin firmware update

  • Increased stability in Multi Mode
  • Increased stability while editing programs
  • Fixed some issues on MIDI event management


[ December 2009 ] 1.1 Version


  • Midi Improvments: Origin can be automated via Sysex.
  • Sequencer Improvments: Better GUI. New shortcuts for Live performance.



  • ToneWheel Oscillator: Combined with the Leslie Effect, it is possible to obtain stunning vintage organ sounds. This module can be associated with other Origin modules and effects to create completely new sounds.
  • A Leslie Effect: Can be used on tonewheel signals to get Origin sounding like a Hammond organ. Can be also used on a guitare signal input or on any other source to create amazing effects.
  • Keyboard Module improvements: GUI more friendly with a curve to describe the effect. 2 modes available for each keyboard follow output.
  • A CS80 envelope: This enveloppe is the one used on the filter of the CS80. It will be used in the CS80 template which is going to be included in 1.2 version.
  • New Effects: Bit Crusher, Equalizer, Ring Mod
  • Gui Improvments: Parameter values are now fully displayed.


[ Q2 2010 ] 1.2 Version

  • Duophonic aftertouch: This Arturia Innovation allows the aftertouch to only affect one note, which can be set to highest, lowest or last played. Origin keyboard only!
  • Multi-mode ribbon controller. Origin keyboard only!
  • Precise editing of velocity and aftertouch curves. Origin keyboard only!
  • More complete configuration of multimode: now the keyboard can be split into Zones (note range, channel, midi filters) and any multi can be associated with each zone.
  • Interacting with a DAW or sequencer much easier: Midi CCs are sent and received on a channel specific to the program. Notes, and pitch bend are sent on the defined zone channels.
  • Improved settings page
  • Added Performance page: Lets  you easily set up all Origin's different live controllers (aftertouch, mod and pitch, joystick and ribbon on Origin Keyboard).
  • All key ranges can be edited using the keyboard keys.



[ Q1 2011 ] 1.3 Version

  • New Jupiter-8 template
    Jupiter-8 Template

  • New Compressor effect module

  • New Sample&Hold module

  • Ergonomic improvements such as new macro dialog layout, favorites...

  • New Play Modes such as Unison and Poly Unison
  • Sequencer switches automation : it is now possible to control looping options or pattern changes via MIDI.



[ Q3 2011 ] 1.5 Version

  • new features to be confirmed.