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Origin firmware 1.4 Now Shipping!

The new Origin firmware 1.4 brings a complete range of new modules and features, that enhance the user experience and pushes the sonic possibilities further. This version comes embedded with every new Origin Keyboard and Desktop unit. If you are a registered Origin user, you can download the free firmware upgrade here.

Version 1.4 includes :

  • New Oberheim SEM Filter module

    The SEM Filter is a detailed emulation of the famous Oberheim SEM Multimode Filter.
    This unique filter design will considerably widen your sonic palette thanks to its ability to sweep continuously from LP, to Notch and HP modes.

  • New Voice Modulator module

    Inspired by the Oberheim 8-Voice model, the Voice Modulator allows you to connect 8 modulation outputs to any input within your patch.
    The convenient design of this module makes the creation of sophisticated sequences a breeze.

  • Multi FX Mode

    The new Multi FX mode introduces routing with 2 Inserts per channel, 2 Auxiliaries, and 2 Master Buses.
    This is the perfect tool to achieve a professional mix of your multi presets involving several synths.



Firmware 1.3 includes:

Jupiter 8 template

The Origin 1.3 firmware embeds the new Jupiter 8 template which recreates the unique voice architecture and design of this legendary analog synthesizer.

Carefully selected preset sounds will allow you to put the powerful and inspiring sounds of the Jupiter 8 right at your fingertips.

Synthesists will also be able to create their own Jupiter 8 patches thanks to the easy and intuitive programming via front panel sliders, knobs and buttons, just like the original. The classic features like cross-mod, oscillator sync, arpeggiator are also on-board.



New play modes

  • POLY_UNISON: emulates the Jupiter8 “UNISON” mode, that shares up to 8 voices between the currently active notes. (Currently not available for MULTI presets.)
  • UNISON parameter for MONO programs: allows the user to set the number of voices that will play simultaneously for the MONO program. UNISON “polyphony” can be set to a value between 2 and 8 in SINGLE mode, and is limited to 2 in MULTI mode.


Sequencer switches automation

Actions on the Sequencer “LOOP” and “PATTERNS” switches can be recorded as MIDI CONTROL CHANGES messages and replayed.


Portamento glide time

Adding of a second way to manage the portamento glide time: the user can now choose between a constant time for the whole glide, or a constant time per semitone.


Switch pedal

It is now possible to configure the switch pedal action in the 'Performance' page.


Compressor module

The Origin sounds can now be processed through a brand new compressor FX module. The compressor will allow you to add relief to your sound, from smooth attacks to huge pumping effects, making sure you always get the desirable presence in your mix.



Sample & Hold module

Derived from the ARP S&H. Takes any modulation (LFO, Env…) signal at its inputs and provides a sampled and hold modulation signal at its outputs.



User Interface enhancements


  • In a number of dialogs you can now navigate between the controls and change their value without pre-selecting them.
  • Possibility to select the slot preset to load using the keypad + the edit switch. Previously it was necessary to use the browser to load a slot preset.
  • A new layout of the dialog makes easier the configuration of the “live” macros.
  • The user can now define a set of favorite presets and navigate thru them with the Preset Browser.
  • A clear feedback – using speaker icons - of the mute state of a Voice output on the FxMixer page, of the slot output on the Multi page and on the program icon in the preset bar
  • Possibility to set 2 or more MULTI slots in the hold state in a single action by keeping their “Edit” switches pressed when “Hold” is set ON (or OFF).