Division cadre

In Hybrid mode we believe we have brought something extra special. One of the things that are so great about having a new synthesizer is the unexpected things that you can discover with it, those delightful moments in musical creation when you stumble upon a sound that you weren’t looking for. Hybrid mode provides a combination of the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS stacked one on top of the other. Thus an entirely new sound palette to mix and blend will be at your disposal: the analogue subtractive synthesizer in the Prophet 5 AND the digital wave-table or vector synthesizer of the Prophet VS.

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 Made up of all the parameters of the two instruments PLUS:

  • 1 audio connection matrix:
The audio matrix allows you to activate or to deactivate the audio module outputs of the two synthesizers (oscillators, filters, sound of the Prophet 5...). You can connect the filters in a series for a unique mix of the two synthesizers or you can connect the filters in parallel for a fatter sound. This gives you a huge difference of sound between the two solutions.
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  • 1 modulation matrix switch for the two synthesizers:
The modulation matrix of the Prophet Hybrid allows you to add modulation inputs impossible to add with the PROPHET 5 alone. The velocity, after touch, or the numerous other modulation sources presented on the VS that can now be used on the PROPHET 5.
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Here are a few sound clips with the Hybrid mode to give you a glimpse at your musical possibilities:

  • Hybride Bass.mp3
  • Hybride Drums- house
  • Hybrid Piano+ pad