The Glitch Mob


Thanks to its very intuitive controller, Spark will introduce you to a unique playing experience. Forget about your computer mouse, get inspired, dive into the creative workflow, and produce stunning beats in no time.

Controller overview:

Pattern Circle

Select your patterns and follow their chaining at a glance.
3D viewer:

Software overview:

Division cadre


Sound Engines

Analog Synthesis
  Digital sampling
  Physical modeling
Based on Arturia TAE ® technology, Spark includes more than 200 analog instruments easily customizable thanks to in-depth control over all parameters.   Spark comes with a complete library of pristine quality samples selected in partnership with leading third party companies. On top of this, Spark also allows you to easily import your audio files with features such as multi-layering triggered by velocity response and envelope gate.   Embedding the latest physical modelling sounds, Spark lets you fine tune and distort the sound of your snare drums, bass drums, toms and access a world of unheard experimental percussion.

Drums heaven

Spark allows you to easily build your own signature drums by choosing from a wide variety of drumkits:

Vintage drum machines
  Electronic kits
  Acoustic drumkits
Spark gives you access to analog recreations of the TR-808, TR-909, Simmons SDS-V, as well as Eprom based LinnDrum, Drumtraks, DMX, and more.*
Other original analog instruments are also available, including basses and leads created by our international team of award-winning sound designers.
  Spark embeds a broad library of electronic kits covering all modern music styles: House, Dub, Techno, Hip Hop, RnB… as well as experimental fields thanks to the Physical Modelling instruments.   Acoustic drum kits are included covering the main drumming styles from rock, to jazz, funk, pop, etc.
Samples are recorded and produced by the best third party companies for the highest audio realism, and multi-layered for accurate velocity response.


Sample-House partner companies:

*The use of trademarks is only meant as a reference to clarify the instruments whose sound was modelled after and doesn’t imply any endorsement.

Division cadre


Perfect Integration

Import and Export
Midi Controller
DAW’s compatibility
  • Import Rex files, MIDI files, Audio files (Wave and Aiff).
  • Export Audio and MIDI patterns directly into your DAW.
  • Route your 16 instruments audio outputs into your favourite host sequencer.
  Spark ships with a MIDI Control Center application allowing you to easily control any third-party software or hardware. A template specifically designed for Ableton Live™ is available for download, making your ability to set-up and jam on Live™ a breeze.   Spark works in standalone and as a plugin within your host sequencer (Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Digital Performer…).