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Carre Couleur Unified Midi Control Center Update

File Name Size Version
PC ( Win7 and above) Unified Midi Control Center
1.1.0 (Latest)
8 Mo 1.1.0 - 2014-03-19
Mac (10.7 and above) Unified Midi Control Center
1.1.0 (Latest)
11 Mo 1.1.0 - 2014-03-19
Midi Control Center - Unified Midi Control Center for
  • MiniLab and Keylab series
  • Analog Experience series
  • Spark / SparkLE
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Carre Couleur Spark Update

File Name Size Version
Mac - (10.7 and above) Spark 2.0.1 (Latest) 1245 Mo 2.0.1 - 2014-June-18
Windows - 7 and 8 only Spark 2.0.1 (Latest) 736 Mo 2.0.1 - 2014-June-18
Mac - (10.7 and above) Spark 2.0.0 1245 Mo 2.0.0 - 2014-April-30
Windows - 7 and 8 only Spark 2.0.0 736 Mo 2.0.0 - 2014-April-30
Windows - (7 and 8 only) Spark 1.7.2 660 Mo 1.7.2 - 2014-Jan-31
Mac (10.6 and above) Spark 1.7.2 1100 Mo 1.7.2 - 2014-Jan-31
Windows - (7 and 8 only) Spark 1.7.1 660 Mo 1.7.1 - 2013-Sep-12
Mac (10.6 and above) Spark 1.7.1 1100 Mo 1.7.1 - 2013-Sep-12
Windows - (7 and 8 only) Spark 1.7 660 Mo 1.7 - 2013-Jul-22
Mac (10.6 and above) Spark 1.7 1100 Mo 1.7 - 2013-Jul-22
Windows Spark 598 Mo 2013-Apr-14
Mac Spark 920 Mo 2013-Apr-14
Windows Spark 1.6.1 598 MB Mo 1.6.1 2013-Mar-24
Mac Spark 1.6.1 920 MB Mo 1.6.1 2013-Mar-24
Mac Spark 1.5 841 Mo 1.5
Windows Spark 1.5 552 Mo 1.5

2.0.1 version What's new?
2.0 version What's new?
1.7 version What's new?
1.6.1 version What's new?
1.5 version What's new?
1.4.1 version What's new?

DEMO: To install a Software Demo of Spark, download the latest update available above and run it in Demo mode.

Limitations :

  • "Save" and "Save as" function disabled
  • "Export" function disabled
Minimum required configuration:
  • PC: 4 GB RAM; CPU 2 GHz (Multiple cores recommended), 2 GB free hard disk space.
  • Mac (Intel only): 4 GB RAM; CPU 2 GHz (Multiple cores recommended), 2 GB free hard disk space.


Carre Couleur Spark Templates

File Name Size Version
All Spark Ableton Live template 9.2 Mo 1.0

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Carre Couleur Spark Expansion packs

French Nu Touch Vol.2

French Nu Touch Vol.2 contains two exclusive kits created by Swiss producer and sound designer Greg Shepherd.
Following the path of recent french electro bands, "French Nu Touch vol.2" brings a collection of dirty basses, heavy drums, and tons of useful drop sounds that will please the most adventurous electro lovers.
  • Heavy Cross makes a tight drum kit collide with acoustic strings and deep synth basses, for a unique retro-modern blend.
  • Uppercut packs a strong punch, along with electric bass riffs and crazy contemporary vocal breaks.

Audio examples:
Heavy Cross
Young Thug

French Nu Touch Vol.1

French Nu Touch Vol.1 contains two exclusive kits created by our in-house sound designer and electronic artist Jacobo Abreo. Filled with over compressed drums, synthetic stabs, jangly percussive sounds, and killer patterns, "French Nu Touch vol.1" delivers nothing but the creme de la creme of today's electro.
  • French Toast is a fine collection of tight compressed beats in the fashion of producers like Sebastian, combined with some dynamic pitch shifting/stuttering edits.
  • Tech Noir explores the synthpop side of french electro with a hint of 80’s style.

Audio examples:
Silver Night
French Toast

Now included in version 1.4


-> Windows Version
-> MacOs Version

Urban Ear Candy Vol.2

Created by hip hop producer Greg Savage, this free expansion pack delivers the dirtiest southern beats and the hottest RnB thrills for your Spark Drum Machine.
Don’t miss out on this awesome collection of handpicked samples to bring out fresh ideas into your sessions.
  • Deep South : Only the tighest dirty south beats.
  • Mo South : Another take on southern hip hop, featuring a variety of guitar, synth and pianos.
  • Da Game : A modern hip hop kit bringing snappy percussion and powerful stabs sunk in a wide ambience.
  • Nu Rnb : A fresh approach to RnB with orchestral pads and shimmering melodic lines.
  • Suvern Swerve : Another southern kit with plenty of dynamics.

Audio examples:
Another Gansta Movie
Deep 5outh
Even In the darkest Hour
Haunting Lullaby

Now included in version 1.4


-> Windows Version
-> MacOs Version

Urban Ear Candy Vol.1

Our fifth release in the Spark expansion pack series is dedicated to urban music.
"Urban Ear Candy vol.1", curated by Hip hop producer Greg Savage, contains 5 kits exploring the current span of urban genres.
From R'n'B and NYC classics to modern Hip hop and Trap music, these kits will bring fresh inspiring material to your beat sessions!
  • Trap Music : Inspired by the new trend in southern Hip hop, Trap Music brings powerful orchestral stabs blended with nasty synth lines.
  • NYC : Immerse yourself in classic east coast grooves filled with lush Rhodes chords and vocals.
  • In Da Club : This synth driven agressive kit delivers the typical pumped up Hip hop club sound.
  • RnB Gems : This classy downtempo RnB provides smooth guitar riffs matched with vocals and vinyl compressed drums.
  • Neo Soul : Deep synth pads meet classic organ sounds in a revisited Soul kit.

Audio examples:
Neo Soul demo
NYC demo
RnB Gems demo
In Da Club demo
Trap Music demo

Now included in version 1.4


-> Windows Version
-> MacOs Version


We are glad to introduce 4 totally new kits for Spark.

The Syndrum kits deliver all the warmth and punch of the hottest analog circuits by exploiting the power of the TAE® modules.
Combined with the tweaking possibilities of Spark's controller, these kits will bring extreme flexibility to your beat sessions and will make your tracks stand out!
  • 1. PHATWERK: Phatwerk is a huge sounding kit built upon the structure of a modular drum synthesizer.
    Every parameter from waveshape to noise and filter sweep is accessible to help you shape fat bass drums, punchy snares, smooth hi hats...
    To make it even more complete for your sequencing needs, the Phatwerk also integrates 5 different melodic synthesizers which are fully tweakable.
  • 2. MICROMATIX : Micromatix is a minimal sounding beatbox of soviet inspiration that fits perfectly the Electro, Minimal, IDM and Nu-disco genres.
    Crispy and dirty percussions are blended with laser toms and synths, bringing a superb retrofuturistic feel.
    If you are looking for raw analog drums and sci-fi effects, this unit will bring you plenty of fun!
  • 3. PULSATOR : Pulsator is a sophisticated hybrid drum machine delivering in-your-face dynamics.
    It uses sampled pulse waves to generate acoustic-styled attacks, and processes them through virtual analog modules to beef the signal up. Its sharp attacks, solid low end, and warm presence will nicely cut through the mix of any modern Hip Hop or Electro track.
  • 4. DIRTY-909 : Our beloved TR-909 analog emulation just went under the knife of a crazy scientist...
    The result of his heavy bend : a way more agressive tone, ultra-heavy audio pressure and raspy tonal possibilities.
    Be warned, the Dirty-909 is not for the faint-hearted!

Audio examples:
Dirty 909

Now included in version 1.4


-> Windows Version
-> MacOs Version
-> Tutorial pdf file

D.I.Y Sample Templates Vol.1

We are happy to release two free D.I.Y. sample templates for the joy of Spark users and experimenters.

As their name suggest, these templates are designed to let you import your own samples and access almost limitless sonic possibilities.
So forget about the static nature of your sample collections and give them a new life thanks to our TAE processing!
  • D.I.Y. Drum Template : optimized from all types of drum sounds, it includes analog modules such as Frequency Shifter, Filter Sweep, Reflector, and more. This template is guaranteed to bring a unique edge and character to your drums.
  • D.I.Y. FX Template : adapted to any kind of samples, this second template will allow you to process your signal through 16 unique effects such as : Stereo Expander, Robotizer, Frequency Modulator... so be ready for some wild experimentations!

Audio examples:
FX Template
Drum Template

Now included in version 1.4


-> Windows Version
-> MacOs Version

Classic Drum Machines Vol.2

The second volume of the « Classic Drum Machines » expansion packs revisits the legacy of the Korg* drum machines.

As before, the presence of key parameters will give you in-depth acces to the synthesis and sampling chain of each kit, for maximum tweaking and creativity.

The KPR++ faithfully emulates the punchy analog sounds of the KPR-77 which was Korg’s answer to the TR-606. As a bonus, it also integrates a few percussion sounds based on the older and rarest KR-55 and KR-33 models.

The DDM-120 pays tribute to the digital series of Korg drum machines, giving you access to the lo-fi 8 bit sounds of the DDM-110 and DDM-220.

If you want to beef up your mix with analog drums, or add an edge to it with crispy digital samples, don't miss out on this new expansion pack !

Audio examples:

Now included in version 1.4


-> Windows Version
-> MacOs Version

Classic Drum Machines Vol.1

Our first Spark expansion pack, « Classic Drum Machines Vol .1», pays tribute to two gemstones of the electro house music scene : the Roland TR-606 and 707.*

We have recreated the 606 analog sounds thanks to our TAE® technology, bringing back all the the analog warmth and acid grit of the original. The DR-707 emulates one of the most beloved grooveboxes in Electro-House by embedding the original Roland Eprom sounds. By adding a touch of TAE® with the Bodeshift noises and Karplus overtones, we are delivering state-of-the-art software emulation that will satisfy the most demanding beat-makers.

Whether you are into electro pop music or nu-disco, be sure to spark up your mix with these two additional classic drum machines.

Audio examples:
707 Patterns
606 Patterns
*The use of trademarks is only meant as a reference to clarify the instruments whose sound was modelled after and doesn’t imply any endorsement.
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Carre Couleur Spark Manual