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Prophet V
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Minimoog V
-> Minimoog V
-> CS-80V
Moof modular
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Minimoog V
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Jupiter 8v

Carre Couleur Jupiter-8V Audio clips


by The Circuit Symphony
An song by The Circuit Symphony. All sounds have been made with the JP-8V.
The Feeling - Arturia Version

by The Circuit Symphony
An electro pop song by The Circuit Symphony. All sounds have been made with the JP-8V except the drum loops.

by C.Laffite (website)
A funky track by Christian Laffite. All sounds have been made with the JP-8V except the drum loops.

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Prophet V

Carre Couleur Prophet V Audio clips

Prophetik SoundTrack

by Franck Blaszczyk
Demo track made with Prophet V only, except for the drums. Pad sounds programmed with Prophet Hybrid. Sequenced with Cubase SX.

by Christian Laffitte (website)
"I have chosen to create a track from the period in which the Prophet 5 and VS rained supreme synth: the 80's. The bass sounds are deep, the highs very airy and atmospheric. It was easy to achieve the 80's funk disco style of the time using the Prophet V."
It continues

by Laurent Collat
Track made with 12 instances of the Prophet V. Additionnal drums have been programmed with an E-mu morpheus.

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ARP2600 V

Carre Couleur ARP2600 V Audio clips

I Love You

by Mateo Lupo
A fun example of speech made using the ARP 2600V. This is a great demonstration that shows just how versatile the ARP 2600V can be, and what a wide variety of sounds are hidden inside.
6-8 Sequence

by Arturia
A big three oscillators lead sound with auto pan but without additional effects + hi hat rhythm with the ARP2600 V spring reverb.

by Arturia
A square wave double oscillator bass sound showing all the power of the notch filter. (Listen to the notch frequency parameter sweep)

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Minimoog V

Carre Couleur Mini V Audio clips


by Larry Hopkins
Track made using the Minimoog V and the ARP 2600 V.
5 blips house

by Fabrice Gabriel
11 Minimoog V instances were used in this demo song. Many thanks to the author, Fabrice Gabriel.
Elektro side of the minimoog V

by Jean-Michel Blanchet
12 minimoog V tracks in Cubase SX. No additional samples were used. All the sounds used in this piece are available in a preset bank of the minimoog V plug-in. Many thanks to the author, Jean-Michel Blanchet.

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Carre Couleur CS-80V Audio clips


by Bart Garratt
CSolo is a short composition demonstrating the expressive power of the CS-80V when played with polyphonic aftertouch. The piece uses one preset and was performed in real time. Only reverb was added.
Epic Anthem

by Rikke Lind
Soundtrack made of 11 instances of the CS-80 V. No extra effects, except limiter for mastering. Rikke Lind, Sweden
1889 Paris_Exposition

by Fabrizio Massara
Fabrizio Massara (a.k.a. fab) is a keyboardist/composer/producer. He's a member of Baustelle , alternative pop italian band (two albums released, now signed to Warner Music Italy). He makes (real) love with (virtual) synths when the girls fall asleep...

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Moog Modular V

Carre Couleur Modular V Audio clips

Travesia Sagrada 01

by Jose Luis Suazo
Song made with Moog Modular and samples of sounds of the nature park in HONDURAS.

by Ambient Field
Ambient Field aka Patrick Wiklacz, the new Berlin School style, learn more about him at : www.ambient-field.net
Modular Funk

by Jean-Michel Blanchet
A piece of funk music.

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