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Introducing Wurlitzer V
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Carre Couleur Wurlitzer V Audio clips

Wurlie V

by Scott Kinsey
A modern jazz piece performed on the Wurlitzer V by Scott Kinsey. The demo also features ARP 2600 V and SEM V synth sounds. The Wurlie sounds good in the mix, almost like a 1969 Miles Davis record with a modern flavor.
Wurlie Tek

by Pierce Warnecke
A fairly typical Dance Track using two Wurlitzer V presets, a deep and spacey pad sound and a more funky key sound with lots of automation! Beats by Spark.
Wurlie Minimal

by Pierce Warnecke
In the vein of modern minimalist music, this track uses bell-like Wurlitzer V presets layered many times to give an almost ambient feel.
Wurlie FilmScore

by Pierce Warnecke
A track that might have been used in a horror movie, using exclusively Wurlitzer V sounds (specifically some of the odder ones) to show sound design potential.
Wurlie downtempo

by Pierce Warnecke
This track uses one of the spacier Wurlitzer V presets for the main theme, and two more traditional Wurlitzer sounds for keys and bass. Beats provided by Spark.
Mellow Vibrato

by Jacobo Abreo
A chilled jazz improvisation using the onboard vibrato effect.

by Jacobo Abreo
A moody electronic track taking advantage of the analog delay pedal to create rythmic effects.
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