What is eLicenser?

eLicenser (formerly Syncrosoft, now acquired by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH) is the name of a German company that developed a patented copy-protection solution for software applications. The system is based on the use of a dongle, which can be:

Soft-eLicenser (virtual dongle, default) It is an encrypted file on the hard disk, created and used as a container to store licenses instead of using the USB device. This container file has a serial number (2 x 10 digits).
USB-eLicenser (hardware dongle, optional) It looks very much like - but is strongly different from - an USB stick. This hardware dongle also has a serial number (2 x 6 digits) and plugs directly on a USB port of the computer.

How does it work exactly?

To make it short, a part of the code in the application is encrypted on the eLicenser: let’s call this part of the code “license”. From time to time, the part of the application located on the computer will communicate with the license in order to get the program working.

What does “activation” mean?

Activating an Arturia product means entering the Activation Code in the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) to download a license which is then stored on an eLicenser. As a direct consequence, the computer must be connected to the Internet, at least temporarily. If your machine is not connected to the Internet, you can download a license from another computer and store it on the USB-eLicenser. But keep in mind that all license download or transfer operations need synchronization to the eLicenser server, therefore a connection at some point.

Note: an eLicenser, being hardware or virtual, can store several licenses.



Where do I get my Activation Code?

For FULL instruments you can obtain your Activation Code from your Arturia account, with the help of both:
  • Instrument serial number (both are printed on the Registration Card shipped with your software product)
  • Unlock Code
More information can be found in your favorite User’s Manual, “Authorization” chapter.

If your software product was shipped with an USB-eLicenser (such as V-Collection, 10-Year Suite, earlier 1.x versions, etc.), your license may already be stored on the hardware dongle. Therefore there is simply nothing to do, apart from inserting your dongle into an USB port of your computer and launching the synthesizers.

For DEMO instruments, you will find direct links to respective Activation Code request forms in the appropriate Demo page.

How to use my instrument(s) on several computers?

The use of the USB-eLicenser is imperative in this case. Your instrument(s) will run on any computer on which:

If you did not download your license(s) on the hardware dongle at first activation, you still can transfer onto through a simple drag-and-drop within the eLicenser Control Center.
Among other useful tips, this video shows the transfer process (around 02:44).




Common issues can be fixed by following the guidelines depicted in this specific section of the Knowledge Base.