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document Windows refuses to recognize the Player/Factory/Laboratory MIDI keyboard, the driver is not detected.
Close all applications. Locate file wdma_usb.inf which shall reside somewhere on your hard drive. Copy-paste it into the directory C:\Windows\Inf\ then restart the keyboard.Windows should...

26 Jan, 2012
document My plugin does not work in Protools. However, the standalone version works fine. What can I do?
First of all, verify that files : - [Windows] "Analog Factory.dpm" and "Analog Factory.dpm.rsr" are correctly installed in "C:\Program Files\Common...

13 Mar, 2008
document Pro Tools error: DAE 7054
"Pro Tools could not load the following plug-ins either because no valid authorization could be found, the iLok key was not connected or the plug-in was damaged" This error happens under...

26 Feb, 2014
document How to copy your favorites presets from one computer to another ?
Just copy the following file from your first computer to the second one : Mac: /Library/Preferences/AnalogFactory/plugins.prefs PC: Program Files\Arturia\Analog Factory\plugins.prefs

13 Mar, 2008
document In Pro Tools there is a lot of crackling and popping with my plugin
This could be due to a too low latency. To increase the latency, increase the buffer size of protools.

13 Mar, 2008
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02 May, 2014
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26 Feb, 2014
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