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document In Fruity Loops, only the keys are operating, all knobs/faders have no effect.
In all cases, first make sure that in standalone mode everything runs just fine, all knobs and faders are serviceable. In Fruity Loops this is a bit tricky, as this host does not handle some MIDI...

26 Jan, 2012
document Windows refuses to recognize the Player/Factory/Laboratory MIDI keyboard, the driver is not detected.
Close all applications. Locate file wdma_usb.inf which shall reside somewhere on your hard drive. Copy-paste it into the directory C:\Windows\Inf\ then restart the keyboard.Windows should...

26 Jan, 2012
document Analog Player refuses to Accept the activation Code
Here is what to deal with : First, please delete the following folders: /Library/Arturia/Analog Player /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ Analog...

08 Nov, 2012
document I can not manage to send a signal from my software to my keyboard on Windows Cubase / Protool
The signal from the midi out controller is sent directly to the HOST. From the HOST this signal is then sent to the plug-in. Nevertheless, the plug-in does not send the midi data in the same...

14 Nov, 2012
document Which expression pedal to use with the MIDI keyboard?
Most of expression pedals are stereo (TRS). More information can be found here:  The Analog Experience series uses the same standard as Clavia (Nord), CME, Emu, Kurzweil, Oberheim, Roland, etc....

18 Jul, 2012
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