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document My Spark is Blocked on Spark Updater
When updating your Spark please use the "Spark midi control center".

17 Oct, 2012
document [CUBASE] Screencast tutorial on how to disable Spark private ports in Cubase.
Screencast tutorial on how to disable Spark private ports in Cubase. 1 / Click Device 2 / Device Configuration 3 / Clear Private Spark IN 4 / Clear Private Spark OUT

15 Jul, 2013
document How to record automations of the Slicer and the Roller in Protools From Spark
Slicer: Activate the following parameters in the Pro Tools automations: 1. Slicer Size 2. Slicer Bypass Pass the automations parameters   Roller: Use the "Record MIDI from...

14 Aug, 2013
document [SPARK] Spark Hardware is not recognized by my computer.
If you are not able to connect Spark, First, go to "Setup" / "Audio & MIDI settings" Make sure the "Audio Device type" is NOT "none". If there is no...

20 Dec, 2013
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26 Feb, 2014
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13 Mar, 2008
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28 Jan, 2011
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31 Oct, 2013
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26 Feb, 2014
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