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How can I change the Experience controller MIDI channel?

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Since v2.5, the Analog Factory ships with the MIDI Control Center, which let you change the MIDI channel of your keyboard, as well as (re)assign its controllers.

The MIDI Control Center installs automatically as a separate application alongside the Analog Factory software.



This can be done via SysSex message.

In your favorite synthesizer User's Manual, especially page 46, you will find the hereunder information:

F000206B02 0301 F7       Midi channel request
F000206B02 0302 0c F7    Midi channel response
F000206B02 0303 0c F7    Midi channel set

where "c" corresponds to the MIDI channel in hexadecimal notation (0 to F) :
 0 to select channel 01,
 1 to select channel 02,
 E to select channel 15,
 F to select channel 16.

So let's say I want to set the Experience keyboard to MIDI channel 8, the correct SysEx message should be:

F000206B02 0303 07 F7

or for channel 12:

F000206B02 0303 0B F7

Any decent sequencer can send SysEx message, or if you don't use any Midi-Ox should be your friend (Windows users).

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