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Error: "The following install step failed: run postflight script (...)"

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(version anglophone uniquement)

"The following install step failed: run postflight script (...)"

This error is mainly caused by a version conflict on the eLicenser Control Center, on the Mac operating system. Theoretically, it does not prevent your virtual instrument from having been correctly installed. But to avoid any issue, let's make some cleaning.

Please delete these files:
< /mac>

Depending on your Mac OS version, if nothing found in the  /Library/Receipts/ folder, drop an eye in the  //Library/Receipts/ one!

Then, and even if it sounds redundant, make sure to install directly from the latest updates, *in this strict order*:
1. virtual instrument(s) ==>
2. eLicenser Control Center ==> http://www.elicenser. net/en/latest_downloads.html

You can now proceed to the instrument authorization if initial installation, or launch it in case of a simple update.

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