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Error: "Could not open document"

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(Example for the CS-80V)

This error is related to case sensitivity in the file system. As you may know, Mac OS X file system is case insensitive by default, meaning that folder "cs80" and "Cs80" are the same (actually you can't create both). But when a computer if reformatted,  case *sensitive* is selected by default.

You can check if your computer is case sensitive or not using the Apple Disk Utility. Launch it, select you hard-drive partition in the list then click on the "Info" button. Look for the "File System" attribute:

  • If your computer use the default, you'll see "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)".
  • If on the other hand your computer has been reformatted, you'll see "Mac OS Extended (Case sensitive, Journaled)"

The problem is that our installer places the CS-80V presets into this folder:


while our software looks for them here:


(note the capital V in "Cs80V2")

To solve this issue, all you have to do is renaming the offending folder from "Cs80V2" to "Cs80v2" (with a minor case "v").


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