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The expression pedal sends inadequate values, however it runs just fine on other MIDI keyboards. (article en version anglophone uniquement)

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This tip applies to Analog Laboratory 49 & 61 keyboards only:

  1. Power up your keyboard while simultaneously pressing the [Sound] and [Scene] buttons: the keyboard enters in calibration mode;
  2. Activate the pedal for the keyboard to "see" it;
  3. Rotate the [Preset] knob to first set the "Min" field;
  4. Set the pedal to minimum position, then *press* the [Preset] knob to validate the shown minimum value; (NOTE: electrical value only, not MIDI, so this could vary depending on your pedal type)
  5. Rotate the [Preset] knob to now set the "Max" field;
  6. Set the pedal to maximum position, then *press* the [Preset] knob to validate the shown maximum value; (NOTE: electrical value only, not MIDI, so this could vary depending on your pedal type)
  7. Validate the whole by *pressing* the [Category] knob: the keyboard returns in normal play mode;
  8. Activate the pedal: the keyboard screen should show MIDI value "0" at minimum position, "127" at maximum.

Your keyboard is now fully serviceable.

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