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How to (re)calibrate the potentiometer-based controllers (wheels, pedals, aftertouch, breath, pads)?

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This tip applies to Analog Laboratory 49 & 61 keyboards

General procedure

  1. Power up your keyboard while simultaneously pressing the [Sound] and [Scene] buttons: the keyboard enters in calibration mode;
  2. Activate the controller for the keyboard to "see" it;
  3. Rotate the [Preset] knob to first set the "Min" field;
  4. Set the controller to minimum position, then *press* the [Preset] knob to validate the shown minimum value; (NOTE: electrical value only, not MIDI, so this could vary depending on your controller type)
  5. Rotate the [Preset] knob to now set the "Max" field;
  6. Set the controller to maximum position, then *press* the [Preset] knob to validate the shown maximum value; (NOTE: electrical value only, not MIDI, so this could vary depending on your controller type)
  7. Validate the whole by *pressing* the [Category] knob: the keyboard returns in normal play mode;
  8. Activate the controller : the keyboard screen should show MIDI value "0" at minimum position, "127" at maximum.

Special feature: pitch-bend wheel

  1. The Min and Max values are counter-intuitively shown: the screen displays low values when the wheel is pushed to maximum position, and high values when pulled to minimum position. This is "by design", cannot be changed, and won't affect the normal functionning of the keyboard.
  2. The center zone is set with the help of 2 curve parameters. Click the [Setup] button, then [7/Curve]. With the [Category/Param] and [Preset/Value] knobs, you can access then edit:
    • "PWCenter": sets the middle point of the pitch-bend wheel
    • "PWDedZon": sets the width of the dead zone

Special feature: aftertouch

  1. Another curve parameter "Aftertch" gives access to various aftertouch curves. (more information to come)
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