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Analog Player refuses to Accept the activation Code

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Here is what to deal with :

First, please delete the following folders:
/Library/Arturia/Analog Player

Analog Player.vst
/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Analog Player.component
/Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins/Analog Player.dpm

Second, reinstall it by using the latest version:

Take a closer look to the permissions of these folders:
==> /Library/
==> /Library/Arturia
==> /Library/Arturia/Analog Player
Important : these folders SHOULD exist, if not, please create it by clicking:
>>File>>New Folder>>Enter the Name: "Arturia"
In the Arturia folder:
>>File>>New Folder>>Enter the Name: "Analog Player"

Third, start The application.
Enter the Activation code: ==> XXXXXXXX

Fourth, go back to your finder application
This file SHOULD be present in this folder (/Library/Arturia/Analog Player):

Fifth close the application
Those two file Should appear in the folder (/Library/Arturia/Analog Player):

Six, restart the application again
The activation code request message is not supposed to appear.

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