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How to give my software protected with eLicenser to a friend ?

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**1** Get an USB-eLicenser
This will help you to transfer easily your eLicenser license. Go [here] in the accessories section. If you encounter trouble, contact


**2** Transfer your licenses on the USB dongle
You can transfer the license onto by a simple drag-and-drop in the eLicenser Control Center.
This little video show the simple process [here] (around 2:44).

**3** Deregister your product
Contact the support [], give the serial number and unlock code. Ask them to deregister the product explaining why.

**4** Prepare a nice package for your friend
Don't forget to give everything to your friend :

 * The USB-eLicenser
 * The manual
 * The serial and the unlock codes

**5** Be nice with the support

You can help us by explaining the registration and activation process to your friend, the guide is [here].


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