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My plug-in is not detected when press the prefs button by Analog Player / Factory / Laboratory

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1/ Please take a look at Your Plug-in version (Make sure to use the latest)


2/ Make sure you have correctly authorize your Plug-in

Here is what to deal with:
1. Update your eLicenser Control Center from <>
2. Launch the eLicenser Control Center
3. Click on the "Enter Activation Code" button on the interface
4. Enter the code, click Next
5. Download the license on the Soft-eLicenser (or preferably USB-eLicenser)
6. Launch the synthesizer in standalone mode to check everything runs just fine

If for any reason the license download was interrupted, please use the "Maintenance" button on the eLicenser Control Center interface.

3/ If still a problem, make sure to have correctly install the VSTi during the installation process

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