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How to report a crash ?

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How to report a crash ?

First, Make sure to install directly from the latest updates, in this strict order:

  1. Synthesizer
  2. eLicenser Control Center

Second, (If sill a crash), we need the information below:

  1. Reproduction frequency of the problem ?
  2. Is this issue happens on all presets ? 2.a. If not, please specify the preset Name.
  3. More details about your Customers System?

    • OS 32bit/64bit*
    • DAW version*
    • Plug-in version*
    • Driver
    • sample rate
    • RAM
    • Buffer audio

  4. If possible, provide a step by step way to reproduce this crash.

  5. Send us a screenCast (Picture is better than thousand words) -- easy tools:
  6. The Crash LOG

You can send the informations to: [


After the crash report, you will receive a BUG ticket number referring to this issue.
This problem will be corrected in the next versions.

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